15 Superior 555 Timer Circuits

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The usual 555 timer IC is utilized in quite a lot of timer, pulse technology and oscillator purposes. It may be used to offer time delays, as oscillators and as flip-flop components.

The 555 timer IC is an integral a part of electronics tasks. Be it a easy 555 timer undertaking involving a single 8-bit micro-controller and a few peripherals or a fancy one involving system on chips (SoCs), 555 timer working is concerned. Right here, we check out some 555 timer circuits based mostly on the IC. For the total listing of timer-based tasks try 555 timer projects.

1. Movement Detector Utilizing NE555 Timer

This circuit relies on a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, which routinely switches on a tool when somebody comes near it. It may be used for detection of theft or an unauthorized individual coming into a restricted space or constructing. It might additionally activate lights when somebody approaches the realm the place it’s put in. Purposes of this circuit embrace safety programs, hall lights and loo lights amongst others.

This 555 timer circuit is on the market at: Motion Detector using NE555 Timer.

2. Sound Operated Timer

This sound operated timer relies on LM324 quad-operational amplifier and NE555 timer. Time delay could be set from just a few seconds to 30 minutes. It will also be used as a sound delicate burglar alarm. A single facet PCB format for the sound operated timer and its part format can be supplied.

This undertaking is on the market at: Sound Operated Timer.

3. Set Up a 555 Timer Circuit in Monostable Mode

The 555 can act as both a easy timer to generate single pulses for time delays, or as a rest oscillator producing stabilized waveforms of various responsibility cycles from 50 to 100%. On this tutorial, the presenter will show find out how to setup 555 timer circuit in monostable mode. This may permit an LED to be turned on for a selected length after urgent a button. The time the LED stays on could be modified by altering the resistance and capacitance within the circuit.

This undertaking is on the market at: Set up a 555 timer in monostable mode.

4. 555 Timer PWM Audio Amplifier

The ever-present 555 audio pwm circuit employs the 555 IC in astable mode the place, the switching frequency could be different from 65 kHz to 188 kHz.

This undertaking is on the market at: 555 timer PWM audio amplifier.

5. Sequential Timer for DC Motor Management

Sequential timer is a broadly used circuit in industrial vegetation as a result of most industrial processes are chain response sort. Which means as one course of ends, it triggers the following.

This undertaking is on the market at: Sequential timer for DC motor control.

6. Contact-Free Timer Swap

Such a infrared proximity circuit is broadly used as an electrical change the place bodily contact isn’t desired for hygiene objective. For instance, we generally see use of infrared proximity sensors on public consuming fountains and in public washrooms. The straightforward circuit introduced right here could be operated by transferring your hand in entrance of it. That is achieved by detecting the infrared mild mirrored by your hand onto a receiver gadget.

This undertaking is on the market at: Touch free timer switch.

7. Linear Timer for Basic Use

This easy timer can be utilized to regulate any electrical equipment that must be switched off after sure time supplied the relay-switch parameters meet the necessities of that equipment. It makes use of low-cost elements and combines digital precision with easy analogue management, offering lengthy timing length with out using high-valued resistors or capacitors.

This undertaking is on the market at: Linear timer for General Use.

8. Infrared Distant Management Timer

Introduced right here is an infrared remote-controlled timer circuit. The circuit contains two sections, particularly, the transmitter part and the receiver part.

This undertaking is on the market at: Infrared Remote control timer.

9. Programmable Industrial On-Off Timer With RF Distant

Among the options of programmable industrial on/off timer introduced right here embrace:

  1. Time set from 1 to 60 seconds (could be prolonged)
  2. ‘On’ time and ‘Off’ time could be programmed (from 1 to 60 seconds)
  3. Repeat (steady) and single operation
  4. Totally remote-controlled inside 100-metre vary
  5. Person-friendly front-panel controls and show panel with LCD
  6. Emergency cease buttons (on management panel in addition to on distant)
  7. Provision of potential-free relay contacts for connecting any 230VAC at 10A or 28V DC at 10A tool/software

This undertaking is on the market at: Programmable Industrial On-Off Timer.

10. Velocity Checker for Highways

This pace checker can come in useful for the freeway visitors police. It is not going to solely present a digital show in accordance with a car’s pace but additionally sound an alarm if the car exceeds the permissible pace for the freeway.

This 555 timer undertaking is on the market at: Speed checker for Highways.

11. Sign Generator and Inverter Utilizing NE555 Timers

Typically we require a sq. wave sign generator with adjustable frequency, nearly equal excessive and low output pulses and adjustable amplitudes. Right here we current a easy, helpful and low-cost sign generator constructed round NE555 timers. Utilizing exterior switches, you’ll be able to management or choose frequency ranges as per your necessities. Nevertheless, use of frequencies beneath 30kHz is beneficial.

This 555 timer undertaking is on the market at: Signal Generator and Inverter Using NE555 Timers

12. Demo of 555 timer-based astable multivibrator utilizing MATLAB

We current right here a demo program for a 555 timer-based astable multivibrator, which is carried out utilizing the graphical person interface (GUI) in MATLAB 2014 setting

This 555 timer undertaking is on the market at: Demo of 555 timer-based astable multivibrator using MATLAB

13. AC Lamp Blinker Utilizing Timer 555

Right here we use a quite simple and low-cost timer NE555 to change on and off two output hundreds alternately for audio and visible indications. You may obtain this by utilizing a bipolar-transistor-based NE555 or CMOS-based LMC555.

This circuit could be made to blink AC lamps at a low frequency, or change on and off electrical hundreds related to the mains at a low pace. In an effort to scale back the RF emissions, switching is finished solely at zero crossings of the mains AC voltage.

This 555 timer undertaking is on the market at: AC Lamp Blinker Using Timer 555

14. RGB Bulb Utilizing NE555 Timer

Pink-green-blue (RGB) multi-colour bulbs obtainable out there are costly as these are based mostly on a microcontroller. This system for the microcontroller is obscure. Right here is a straightforward and cheap circuit for an RGB bulb utilizing 555 timer.

This 555 timer undertaking is on the market at: RGB Bulb Using NE555 Timer

15. False Triggering Eliminator for Timer 555

Usually, false triggering of timer IC 555 takes place throughout energy on, leading to undesirable output, which begins the timer’s time cycle. The circuit turns into inefficient particularly when the load must be energised solely when desired. Right here is a straightforward false triggering eliminator circuit for timer 555.

This 555 timer undertaking is on the market at: False Triggering Eliminator for Timer 555

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