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Top 19 Banks That Avoid ChexSystems and Can Aid Your Development

Numerous consumers struggle with having a bad banking history, which prevents them from getting a checking account. The good news is that there are banks that don’t employ ChexSystems, and they can be quite useful in establishing positive relationships with banking systems if you haven’t always been responsible.

Even though there is nothing you can do to raise your credit score quickly and bad credit financing is often preferred as an alternative, you can start the process of resolving this issue by opening an account with a bank that is not a member of the ChexSystems group.

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When you need to create a checking account but are concerned about your credit score, banks that don’t use Chexsystems are good choices to take into account. Some well-known brands, such BBVA, Chime, and Wells Fargo, provide further advantages including no sign-up fees, low monthly fees, first-rate customer support service, etc. As an alternative to using a checking account, you can think about using a prepaid debit card, a secured credit card, or a second-chance bank account.

How Do Banks Without ChexSystems Operate?

It is important to comprehend what Chexsystems is before we discuss how banks that don’t utilize it operate and how to open an account there.

Chexsystems is essentially a reporting agency with the responsibility of researching a customer’s credit history, compiling a report, and developing a risk score. The organization investigates returned checks, overdrafts, and other troubling transactions. When you apply for a checking account, multiple banks can view the report that is subsequently created.

The score that will be given to you is quite different from credit scores. There is no good or terrible range classification; it ranges from 100 to 899.

The main thing to keep in mind is that a low score means you’ve had bad luck with banks in the past and need to focus on repairing your credit history with them.

Because they are unable to open a checking account with their financial history, more than 80% of Americans utilize non-Chexsystems banks, according to research.

Let’s look at the top 19 banks you can choose from if you want to open a non-Chexsystems account.


When it comes to opening an account with a bank that doesn’t employ Chexsystems, the majority of reviewers rank BBVA as their top recommendation. To open the account, all you need to pay is $25.

Additionally, there are no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements for account holders. It provides a debit card that enables you to make purchases and earn rewards such as cash back. To top it all off, BBVA boasts one of the top online banking platforms and mobile apps.

2. Chime

Because Chime offers a wide range of services across the US, its user base is continuously expanding. No initial deposit is required to start an account here.

Additionally, there are no additional fees for bank services. Additionally, the debit card is provided without charge. Moreover. Every purchase you make with the Chime debit card will be rounded off to the next dollar, and it offers 38,000 fee-free MoneyPass and VISA Plus Alliance ATMs.

3. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the greatest non-Chexsystems banks that allows you to open an account easily and without undergoing a lot of examination, despite the fact that its costs are greater than those of other options. For the account to be opened, you must pay $25.

Wells Fargo imposes a $5 maintenance fee each month. You can now conduct direct deposits and money transfers using the mobile app. Applying for a Wells Fargo debit card is free and you can get one. There are also no overdraft fees.

4. US Bank

Another reputable American company that allows you to open an account with relatively minimal fees and without considering your past financial activity is US Bank. You must pay a monthly fee of $6.95.

If you keep your account balance above $1,500, you can easily avoid the monthly fees. US Bank, which has 3000 locations nationally, has a high acceptance rate for consumers with a checkered financial past. It has a variety of options that you may use to gradually raise your credit score.

5. First American Bank

While First American Bank only has physical locations in the states of Wisconsin, Florida, and Illinois, it offers nationwide access to its online services. A $50 initial deposit and a $9.95 monthly service fee are required to create an account at this institution.

There is no requirement for a minimum balance. Customers of First American Bank may issue an unlimited number of checks. All 50 states in the United States have access to online banking services.

6. First Convenience Bank

With a $20 minimum initial deposit requirement, First Convenience Bank separates apart from the competition. There are terms and conditions that can be followed in order to avoid paying the monthly fee even if it is charged. Just $20 must be deposited to open the account.

The bank imposes an annual fee, but if you abide by the guidelines, you can avoid paying it. First Convenience Bank has physical branches in Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Arizona. In addition, it keeps a trustworthy online network across the US. Even for clients with a spotty banking background, it boasts high approval rates.

7. SoFi

This bank is one of the finest options for people who struggle to maintain a positive relationship with their bank since it offers an incredible combination of low service fees and cash incentive awards.

To open the account, a $50 deposit is required. There are no unforeseen bank fees. Here, opening an account is a really easy and uncomplicated process. It also includes a smartphone app that makes transactions and money transfers simple. Last but not least, if you register for the SoFi money feature, you may win a $50 cash bonus.

8. Naval Federal Credit Union

You can open either a Free eChecking account or an Active Duty Checking account at the Credit Union. You are permitted to make free bill payments, and the mobile app is quite practical because it also allows free mobile deposits.

Everyone who resides in the US legally is eligible to join Navy Federal Credit Union. Every month, the dividends are credited, so you don’t need to be concerned about your banking history.

9. SunTrust Bank

If you want to avoid monthly fees and make a small initial deposit, SunTrust Bank is a fantastic choice. To open the account, a $100 deposit is needed. For students, there are no monthly fees.

Additionally, consumers that complete more than 10 transactions each month are exempt from monthly fees. It is ideal for those with a spotty financial history. The monthly fees are only $7, even if you have to pay them.

10. Renasant Bank

Another non-Chexsystems bank that offers all of its clients exceptionally secure financial services is this one. Customers must initially pay a $50 deposit. The cost per month is fixed at $8.

For customers who maintain an account balance of more than $500, the monthly fee is waived. Additionally, the Renasant Bank provides all of its account holders with complimentary Mastercard debit services. Both online banking and online bill paying are available to you.

11. United Bank

In addition to its online system, United Bank has physical locations in Virginia, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Washington, DC, and West Virginia. Customers don’t have to worry about the minimum balance requirement, and there are no additional fees or hidden costs involved with opening or using an account.

It offers incredible online services that are cost-free. Direct mobile check deposits are possible. The United Bank also provides all account holders with a free VISA Debit card.

12. Individual Cash Services

If you wish to create an account with a non-Chexsystems bank, the bank is still an excellent alternative even though it does not offer a mobile app. Users must pay an initial deposit of $30 and a monthly cost of $4.95.

The bank provides Mastercard debit card services without charge. Monthly account statements are also provided without charge by People Cash Solutions, and you may also use free paper checks and online banking.

13. The TD Bank

TD offers a low-cost banking solution with helpful customer service and reasonable costs. It has a $15 monthly fee, however, clients who have an account balance of at least $100 are exempt from paying it.

To all of its customers, TD Bank provides a free debit card. On TD personal loans, there is a 0.25 percent rate discount. It is indeed one of the banks with the most economical checking accounts.

14. TCF Bank

TCF Bank has physical locations in Indiana, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, and offers online services to customers all throughout the country. There is a $25 opening deposit required.

Obtaining a TCF Bank checking account is extremely simple. The TCF Bank is accessible to any US citizens who are authorized to live there and has no minimum balance restriction. The level of customer help is excellent.

15. National Bank of Fort Sill

At Fort Sill National Bank, military and civilian inhabitants are treated equally and are permitted to open a checking account without having their banking history reviewed. Just $5 must be deposited to open the account.

The bank charges $3.5 for paper statements per cycle, and the monthly fees of $6 can be avoided if you keep your account balance above $75. It provides free online statements. One of the top customer care services is provided by Fort Sill National Bank.

16. Western Financial Federal Credit Union

Customers who struggle to get accepted by other banks will find this service to be quite beneficial. There is no requirement for a minimum balance. It includes a fantastic mobile app that enables money transfers and deposits.

The acceptance rate is among the highest, and Southwest provides a reliable online banking experience. There are also excellent customer support services offered.

17. GoBank

One of the services in America that provides broad ATMs and other tools for managing money is GoBank. The $8.95 monthly fees can be avoided by keeping your account balance over $500.

In the US, their ATMs are widely used. You can make free mobile check deposits, and it provides a free debit card for transactions. For discount deals, the bank account is linked to a number of retailers.

18. Varo Bank

You can open a checking account at Varo Bank without having to check your ChexSystems history. There are no ongoing monthly fees. With rapid money deposits, online service is available around-the-clock.

There is no initial deposit requirement, and there are more than 55,000 ATMs spread out over the US. And to top it all off, they provide excellent customer service.

19. Acorns Checking Account for Spending

The terms of the bank account are negotiable, but it comes with all the advantages of a standard checking account. There are no overdraft fees and no minimum monthly requirements.

Bill payment automation is provided by the bank. Additionally, you are permitted to deposit checks via a mobile device, and your account will be FDIC-insured.

Why Chexsystems-Free Banks Are Important?

Numerous reputable banks and credit card companies allow you to open a checking account without examining your past financial transactions. They offer debit card access, online banking, and check writing capabilities.

Here are a few of the fundamental advantages you can take advantage of after you open an account with a non-Chexsystems bank.

  1. Checking accounts are a secure place to store your money and may be accessed at any time. You can effortlessly keep track of your balance and transfer money between accounts.
  2. Banks that do not use Chexsystems records are also FDIC-insured, just like banks that do. The majority of these institutions provide protection up to $250,000 that may be repaid in the event of an adverse circumstance.
  3. Minimum Service Charges: Maintaining a bank account doesn’t require you to pay a lot of money in fees. In actuality, the vast majority of the services provided here are cost-free.
  4. $0 Fraud Liability and Protection: The bank has taken steps to secure both your account and the associated debit card. In the event that your current card is stolen or lost, you have the option to apply for a new one.

What Are The Best Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems As An Alternative?

You now fully understand what non-Chexsystems banks are and how they might be advantageous. There are always other options to consider if you determine that banks that don’t employ Chexsystems are not the best option for you.

1. Chance Bank Account

These are the banks that employ ChexSystems yet are nevertheless willing to give you a second opportunity despite your dubious past.

These are excellent possibilities for enhancing your interaction with financial institutions. You must, however, keep in mind that they carry significant monthly fees.

2. Pay-As-You-Go Cards

Prepaid debit cards allow you to load money onto them, then use it for shopping and other needs. They perform similarly to reputable credit cards in that they aid in money management.

Furthermore, a strong financial history is not necessary to be approved for a prepaid card.

3. Credit Cards

You can apply for secured credit cards and fund the account with a down payment. If you continue to make your monthly payments on time, they work just like any other credit card and can be quite beneficial in raising your credit score. I

Getting a preapproved mail offer is even better. You can apply and rapidly receive credit approval in this situation.

4. Accounts at foreign banks

Consider creating an overseas account if you are having problems receiving bank approval in the US.

If you have a bank account, you can still deposit money there and have it insured, but if you apply with a foreign bank, the bank is likely not going to check your ChexSystems history.

5. E-Wallets and online banking services

You can create an online account and store your money in an e-Wallet. They are beneficial if you wish to improve your money management skills.

Is It Possible To Correct Your Chexsystems Record?

Your records will reflect the information gathered and given by Chexsystems for a maximum of five years. There are a few things you can do to get it taken out, though.

You can always contact customer service and ask them to remove the report if you believe it to be false.

Make that call at 800-428-9623. A negative item, however, can only be eliminated if you can demonstrate that it is false. Opening a dispute otherwise is pointless because it will be rejected.

If your disagreement is upheld, you must ask ChexSystems for an update so that the new records can be quickly added to your report.

Before You Leave!

Thus, the focus of this article was on banks without ChexSystems. Additionally, keep in mind that you may always call 800-428-9623 to learn more about your Chexsystems records.

Customers can also write to Chexsystems, Inc. at the following address: Attn: Consumer Relations 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100 Woodbury, MN 55125. Best of luck!

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