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Where To Buy Now Pay Later Gift Cards In 2022?

Due to the incredible benefits they provide, gift cards have become fairly fashionable. Here we will discuss buy now pay later gift cards instead of the more common gift cards from thousands of stores. These are ideally the greatest ways to make any occasion meaningful while staying within your budget thanks to the added incentives and flexibility.

Quick Read Many shops offer flexible installment plans for buy-now-pay-later gift cards. The best places to purchase them are eGifter,, Amazon, PayPal, and numerous other places. The majority of retailers let you pay in up to four equal payments, with interest, for your purchase. To have the greatest experience, choose a gift card with the fewest additional fees, a reliable refund policy, and one that meets your demands for purchases.

Gift Cards With Buy Now, Pay Later

Here is a quick summary of all the buy now pay later programs that allow you to buy gift cards before we get into more detail.

Where to Get Buy Now Pay Later Gift Cards? Important Features 
eGifter  It accepts various payment methods including digital wallets, cryptocurrency, and credit cards as well.
Zebit  Pay in installments with just a 20% to 30% down payment at the time of checkout.
Amazon  The repayment time is around six maximum weeks when you check out with zipping. You can enjoy your purchase at only 25% of cost due to upfront initially.
PayPal  Repay in two weeks as you make the remaining three payments once every two weeks, both through the app or online.  The payment can be made in four easy installments, using Zip. The repayment time is of six weeks, with only first installment that is to be made upfront.
Raise  buy full-priced gift cards at Raise and also get 15% back in Raise Cash. Save up to 30% on the discounted gift cards
Prezzee  Prezzee accepts Afterpay as the payment option where you can earn up to 40 points per purchase. It also allows you to split your payments in four easy installments.
Afterpay  Afterpay asks you to pay a 25% upfront cost, and rest can be paid per se your standard payment schedule.
Curacao  Curacao does not yet offer gift cards directly through its website. However, you can get them from third party partner site i.e., Giftly
GiftRocket  At GiftRocket, you have to pay a fee of $2 for a gift card, and a total of 5% of the total gift card amount.

1. eGifter

Customers can purchase online gift cards with amazing convenience through eGifter. Gift cards from a variety of merchants are available here. Sending them to your loved ones is simply because you may do it by email or physical delivery as well.

The eGifter website also provides a variety of promotional offers that allow you to save a significant sum of money. More than 300 brands of cars are available for you to pick from. Additionally, it takes a variety of payment options, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and digital wallets.

You may take advantage of excellent offers from American Airlines through eGifter and save a tonne of money. The ideal substitute for conventional gift-giving strategies that won’t burn a hole in your wallet is an eGifter gift card. You may get a 4 percent discount on streaming at Hulu as well.

The most appealing aspect of this internet business is installment payments. You can make payments in excess of two weeks if you choose PayPal as your method of payment. However, the initial payment must be provided in full.

2. Zebit

Another ideal marketplace where you may spread out your payments over six months is Zebit. Zebit has everything you need in one package, whether it is electronics, furniture, clothing, kitchenware, fitness equipment, or jewellery. People with less-than-perfect credit can use the debit Buy Now Pay Later option.

It’s interesting that there are no hidden costs or FICO checks necessary. Zebit has a maximum credit limit of $250.

Zebit allows you to purchase gift cards, however there is an 18% handling fee associated with doing so. You may easily purchase from more than 1500 brands and you are not required to pay more than the amount stated at the checkout.

One further intriguing aspect of Zebit is that the first spending cap is capped at $1500. All that is required is a 20 to 30 percent down payment at the time of purchase; the remaining balance can be paid in subsequent installments.

3. Amazon

If you’re using an Amazon gift card, you can pay for your purchase over four simple installments with Amazon Buy Now Pay Later. When you check out using Zip, the maximum repayment period is six weeks. You can first pay only 25% of the total cost of your item.

The largest distributor of gift cards in the world is reputed to be Amazon. However, there are rules that must be followed while buying gift cards from As previously indicated, these transactions must be done through a third-party website called Zip.

You have complete creative control over your gift cards when using Amazon gift cards. Make it a meaningful gift for the loved one by artistically personalizing it with the name or brief notes.

4. Payment

One of the venues to purchase gift cards is PayPal. These gift cards can be purchased online and used both in-person and online. You must have a PayPal business account in order to own a PayPal gift card.

You can also receive exhilarating reductions by utilizing web coupons. Use PayPal’s Pay in 4 feature to make four interest-free payments while shopping at your favorite stores and brands. Simply select PayPal after checkout and then click the Pay Later button.

You make these final three payments via the app or online once every two weeks during the PayPal repayment period of two weeks.

Amazon gift cards, eBay gift cards, Airbnb gift cards, and Big W eGift cards are just a few of the PayPal gift cards available. The e-Gift card on PayPal can be obtained for no additional cost.


One of the biggest places to purchase buy now pay later gift cards from different online stores is Business rewards cards are among the many gift cards available here, and you can also personalize any gift card you select.

Make them unique for your loved ones by adding artistic graphics or personalizing them with your favorite photo. Several companies, such as Macy’s, Ulta Beauty, Wayfair, Nordstrom Rack, GAP, and many others, have partnered with

The payment can be made using Zip, formerly known as Quadpay, in four simple installments. However, the six-week payback period just requires the upfront payment of the first installment.

It’s simple to use to exchange eGift cards and redeem gift cards online. Simply use Zip to split the amount of your purchase and make your payment. Instead of giving hard-core gifts, get them for your loved ones and give them an experience they will never forget.

6. Raise

The internet marketplace Raise operates a little differently than the others mentioned above. Raise offers gift cards at a full price along with a 15% Raise Cash rebate. With the promo code, you can access further savings and spend the corresponding cash on future purchases.

Making the most of your leftover gift cards is simple with Raise. Sell them here and purchase new ones that will satisfy your needs. You can get discounted gift cards for up to 30% less if you buy from Nike or Starbucks.

7. Prezzee

Prezzee has a broad selection of gift cards to suit all occasions. Prezzee has everything, whether it’s a birthday card, get-well card, or best wishes card. Additionally, it enables you to buy elaborate packages that let you accentuate the thoughtfulness of the gifts.

One of the Prezzee categories that enables customers to purchase from merchants including Target, CB2, and Microsoft 365 Personal. They also provide a second Care Package where you may buy products from companies like Bed, Bath & Beyond, CS Pharmacy, Hulu, Barnes & Noble, and others.

Customers of Prezzee have the option to pay using Afterpay, and they can receive up to 40 points for each purchase. You can also divide your payments into four manageable installments.

8. Afterpay

Give yourself a break from blowing your budget on your purchase by dividing the cost of your gift card into four convenient payments. Customers of Afterpay are able to purchase gift cards using its app from a variety of platform-wide shops.

Afterpay is the ideal hub if you want to use your e-Gift card to make an online purchase from a smart device. The Prezzee recognized to be its partner for some time, is one of its pillars of support.

You must sign up for one of these reward programs, such as Platinum, Diamond, or Mint status PULSE, in order to buy gift cards through the Afterpay app. You may be able to apply for Pulse Rewards if you maintain a good standing here.

You can get amazing deals and points on your purchases with your Pulse Rewards. Get the biggest advantages by utilizing these incentives to purchase gift cards from a variety of merchants. Afterpay requires a 25% down payment when you buy a gift card, with the remaining balance being paid according to your regular payment schedule.

9. Curacao

Customers can choose from a wide variety of things at the Curacao store. Additionally, some items are eligible for same-day delivery, and orders over $29 qualify for free shipping. Additionally, Curacao gives benefits that differ depending on the card type you select, such as Classic, Gold, and Platinum.

You can shop online and in stores from a huge selection of items, earning up to three times the points for every dollar you spend. To top it all off, when you accumulate 500 points through purchases, you receive a $10 coupon. You can enjoy 0% Financing Options on promotional programs with the card for up to 60 months.

To the best of our knowledge, Curacao does not currently provide gift cards on its website. However, you can purchase them from Giftly, a third-party partner website. Through Giftly, you can also redeem money without paying an inactivity fee.

10. GiftRocket

You can purchase gift cards on the website GiftRocket. The gift can be redeemed online, and you’ll also get spending money. With its purchase now pay later gift cards, it enables you to achieve the goal of your presentation.

A great card for every occasion is available in their lovely designs. GiftRocket has all of your needs covered, whether it’s a birthday card or a thank-you note. You can mail the gift cards to your recipient or send them by email.

The recipient has the option to send an e-Gift, PayPal, or direct transfer into their bank account. You must pay a $2 processing charge and a total of 5% of the value of the gift card at GiftRocket.

Why Choose Gift Cards with Buy Now, Pay Later?

Gift cards with Buy Now Pay Later don’t verify your credit. It is therefore best for those who fall somewhere within the credit spectrum. The following are a few justifications for selecting these purchase now pay later gift cards.

  1. Gift cards with the option to pay later are the ideal replacement for traditional gift-giving.
  2. They are inexpensive and simple to redeem.
  3. Recipients have a great deal of discretion to select what they want.
  4. Online, a variety of gift card offers are available.
  5. You can get them online, so you don’t need to frequent stores.
  6. Different installments can be used to make payments.

Advice for Picking Best Buy Right Now Gift Cards for Later Use

Choosing the ideal buy now Pay later gift card can be challenging when you have a lot of alternatives circling through your head. To solve this issue and make the best decision possible, the following ideas should be kept in mind.

  1. Your purchase should be in line with your charitable intentions, the potential recipients of the gift card, and the delivery options.
  2. Some gift cards have restrictions on the things they can be used to buy. Therefore, you should determine whether or not they are financially supported by certain BNPL websites.
  3. If the gift card is not used within a year of purchase, a maintenance fee of 10% per month may be assessed; however, if the card is used, the maintenance fee may be returned.
  4. The remaining money on the card is turned over to the state government after it expires, and you must follow state regulations to get them back.
  5. Unused gift cards are sometimes purchased by businesses. It’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the restrictions placed on gift cards that have been issued.
  6. You should carefully read the gift card’s terms and restrictions, paying close attention to the expiration date.
  7. Before purchasing a card, familiarise yourself with its refund rules.
  8. You should be aware of the gift card’s purchase charge. Some businesses may impose additional charges, such as a maintenance fee.
  9. You can’t utilize gift cards for business purposes on several sites. Therefore, refrain from doing any such action in the future to prevent discomfort.

Before You Leave!

Buy now, pay later plans are becoming popular, even for purchases of consumer goods like your favorite pair of shoes, groceries, or a laptop. With gift cards with buy now, pay later purchases, you can now celebrate any occasion for a loved one with the greatest flexibility. These allow them to shop and make their own choices, but you may save the stress of conducting a protracted gift search on your own.

You can use the gift card to buy items for people whose tastes are more difficult. The aforementioned element is presently being added by thousands of online businesses as a contemporary technique to their shopping spaces. Gift cards are undoubtedly inexpensive and still the best option for creating thoughtful and meaningful gifts, it wouldn’t be incorrect to claim.

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