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A decade counter is quite common in right now’s electronics. Mostly out there as IC CD7490, comprises a number of flip flops to transform BCD-to-decimal and is included as a part of bigger built-in circuits.

A decade counter counts in a sequence of ten after which returns again to zero after the rely of 9.

Decade Counter Circuit Diagram

Principally, counters will be applied fairly simply utilizing register sort circuits. Apart from decade counter, there are numerous others which are additionally used commonly. Let’s have a look.

Asynchronous counter

An asynchronous counter is a straightforward D-Flip flop, with the output fed again as enter. The output adjustments state for every clock enter. This creates a circuit that may retailer one bit of knowledge. This counter will increment as soon as for each clock cycle and takes two clock cycles for a transition from zero to 1 and a transition from 1 to zero creating a brand new clock with a 50% responsibility cycle.

Synchronous counter

The clock inputs of all of the flip-flops are linked collectively and are triggered by the enter pulses.  Thus, all of the flip-flops change state concurrently. A bonus of synchronous counters is that there isn’t a cumulative time delay as a result of all flip-flops are triggered in parallel.

Ring counter

A hoop counter is a shift register with the output of 1 flip flop linked to the enter of the following in a hoop. Usually, a sample consisting of a single bit is circulated so the state repeats each n clock cycles if n flip-flops are used. It’s initiated such that solely one among its flip-flops is the state one whereas others are of their zero states

Johnson Counter

A Johnson counter is a form of modified ring counter, the place the output of the final stage is inverted earlier than being fed again into the primary flop. The register cycles via a sequence of bit-patterns, whose size is the same as twice the size of the shift register, persevering with indefinitely. It is rather generally present in digital-to-analog converters.

Decade Counter

The fundamental decade counter is an digital circuit with a 4-bit binary output and an enter sign (referred to as a clock). With every clock pulse the outputs advance to the following greater worth, resetting to 0000 when the output is 1001 and a subsequent clock pulse is obtained. Decade counters are utilized in clock circuits, frequency dividers, state machines, and sequencers, simply to call just a few functions.

Decade Counter/Divider with Ten Decoded Outputs Datasheet: click here

For extra detailed lesson on counters, take a look on the presentation beneath;

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