How to Drag Click on Any Mouse?

Drag Click on Any Mouse

I’ll show you how to utilize any mouse to drag or click in order to improve your online video game experience.


You’ve probably heard about the benefits of high CPS (clicks per second) in games like Roblox, Minecraft, Clicker Heroes, and others if you’re reading.


Using a high number of clicks per second is one of the most effective tactics for winning some games. As a result, players were forced to think creatively.


Let’s talk about the mouse drag clicking approach.

This method has become increasingly popular, and it has found its way into a number of popular games.


The good news is that learning to drag click isn’t as difficult as it appears.


Getting the feel of it, on the other hand, may not always make you a great player straight away, but it does take time.


It will help you play better in a number of games after you’ve learned it. Not only that, but it might also help you finish other time-consuming tasks faster.


Is it possible to use any mouse to drag click?


Drag clicking is not supported by all mice. A conventional mouse will quit working in a few months if you drag it around. A special mouse is required for drag clicking.

What Does “Drag Clicking” Mean?

Drag clicking, also known as tap clicking or Fazer clicking, is a mouse technique that involves dragging the left and right buttons with force. This strategy has been found to generate significantly more mouse clicks than any other.


Drag clicking is possible thanks to the friction between the mouse and button and the player’s finger. When you drag your hand over the mouse button, you’re clicking it.


Gravity pushes the mouse downward as a result of the friction, and as you move the mouse over the button, the friction strikes it again as it bounces back. When this method is repeated several times, the CPS can reach 32.


What is the Drag Click method?

Based on the preceding description, drag clicking appears to be a simple process.


However, dragging or sliding your finger across a mouse button isn’t the sole option. With time, you can learn this technique, but specific mouse devices designed for drag clicking outperform standard mice.


The first step is to ensure that your hands are dry and that the surface of your mouse is clean. When running your finger across the mouse button, sweat and dust might produce friction.


Follow these steps to become a pro at drag clicking 

To become a pro at drag clicking, follow these steps :


1. Place your thumb on the left side of the mouse and your ring/little finger on the right. Place your index and middle fingers above the upper edge of the mouse button (left mouse button) and right mouse button, respectively.


2. To drag click, softly press down on the mouse button while flicking your wrist at an angle (towards the front of the mouse). Allow your finger to glide through the button without applying too much pressure. You’ll feel a small vibration when you move your finger across the mouse button. When you hear a “grinding noise,” you know you’re doing it right.


3. Verify that your drag clicks are working with an online tool like RapidTables. It is absolutely free to use, and no software needs to be installed on your computer.


The Benefits of Drag-and-Drop Clicking

Naturally, you can outsmart your opponents in a range of popular games with additional clicks. The following are some of the most significant advantages of drag clicking:

  • If you play competitively in Minecraft or other FPS shooters, a higher CPS will give you an advantage. More clicks each instance equals more damage you can deliver, perhaps increasing your overall DPS.
  • By putting out 30+ CPS and dealing extra damage by dragging clicking, you can easily win games. With practise, the number 30 can be pushed to higher levels, making you unbeatable.
  • Drag clicking can also be used in first-person shooter games. You can set your weapon to single-fire mode in these games. You can shoot additional rounds after seeing an adversary and have excellent recoil control. However, if you want to pull this off perfectly, you’ll need to practise drag-clicking a little more. If done wrong, your aim may suffer.


Look at the Surface

Check for dust on the surface and make sure your hands are clean and dry before using the mouse. If you want to get the most out of your mouse button, keep dust and sweat away from it.


Clicking with drag-and-drop

Drag clicks are accomplished by pressing and holding the mouse button while flicking your wrist to the right or left, depending on your preference (towards the mouse front). You can avoid pressing the button too hard by sliding your finger over it before pressing it.


Make Time for Practice

It doesn’t matter how good your mouse is if you don’t put in the time to practice. A man becomes flawless by practice.


Handle the situation with your palms
It is better to purchase a mouse that is simple to operate. Drag clicking demands a palm grip since it aligns your fingers in the proper position for the movement.


Using Internet-Based Resources

You can check if your drag-clicks are working with any internet tool if you’re not sure. These do not require downloading and can be utilized immediately after access.


Best Mouse for Drag Clicking

Stunning Model O

You will certainly come across Glorious Model O if you search the Internet for the best drag-clicking mouse.


This corded gaming mouse has been designed to feel like a wireless mouse. It also has a long-lasting honeycomb shell that keeps your hands cool.


Because it is lightweight and beautiful, it is great for drag clicking. The matte version has just the right amount of friction to help you increase your CPS.


ROC-11-730 ROCCAT Pure Ultra Kone

The Kone Pure Ultra is a one-of-a-kind mouse thanks to its ergonomic design and ultra-lightweight build. With a weight of about 66g, it is one of the lightest mice on the market.


It features a new ROCCAT Owl-Eye 16,000dpi optical sensor for better aiming and tracking.


It also has a dirt-repellent covering to make cleaning easier. The Kone Pure Ultra is made for gamers who value speed above everything else.


Is Using Tape for Drag Clicking Okay?

In actuality, utilizing tape for drag clicking is okay because it increases the efficiency of dragging and clicking. Here are some ideas for us to consider:


Silicone Grip Tape: If you wish to increase your clicking speed by two clicks per second, this tape can help. It’s not cheap, but it’s far superior to electrical tape.


Razer Tape is both the most expensive and the most effective. The increment is 1.5-2 cps. The only problem is the reliance on mice. It works with Razer mice, which I can confirm to.


Electric tape is an excellent and affordable choice. This strategy gains 1.5 CPS when dragging.


Drag and Drop FAQs

How to Use Any Mouse to Drag Click?

Drag clicking is not possible with a standard mouse. For the finest experience, you’ll need a gaming mouse to drag click. Razer, Steelseries, and Glorious, for example, are among the top drag clickers.


Is it possible to drag click without a tape?
Yes, without a doubt. If your palm is moist enough to cause friction, you can drag a click without using tape.


Is it possible to be banned for drag clicking?

It’s up for debate. Some games may refuse to let you play if they suspect you of utilizing drag clicking to obtain an unfair advantage. Everything else is in order. As a result, examine the regulations and policies thoroughly before putting them into effect.


Last Thoughts

Dragging your mouse over the screen to increase your CPS is a fantastic way to do it. Your performance results will immediately increase.

Learning to drag click is simple; just make sure you use the right mouse. The stress of this surgery is too much for some people. All it takes is a little practise after you’ve found the right tool, and your opponents won’t stand a chance.

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