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Learn if Lexington Law Actually Functions

A little assistance is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to a rapid credit repair. Does Lexington Law actually improve credit reports? is a common question for those in need of it. We are here to clear up any questions you may have about our company and to inform you of the proper steps to take when requesting that Lexington Law firm correct errors on your credit report.

There is a crucial point that needs to be answered before we can answer whether Lexington Law genuinely fixes credit scores and what it can do to do so. Is the company reputable? We frequently encounter new clients who are afraid to seek legal assistance because they fear that their personal information will be misused or that they will be required to pay a significant sum of money without receiving any results.

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If you need help getting a better credit report and don’t have the experience to tackle it alone, Lexington Law is an excellent choice. It can assist in enhancing your credit score, offering legal advice, money management tools, and tailored support packages.

Are You Curious About the Effectiveness of Lexington Law?

The greatest place to start if you are having trouble thinking that Lexington Law can genuinely be beneficial is to read internet reviews.

You could discover that more than 500,000 clients have enhanced their credit reports as a result of working with the skilled team at Lexington. The company may provide you with the following:

  1. Licensed legal representative to review your credit record and look for areas that can be improved team with legal and professional expertise addressing credit problems
  2. Packages that are specifically tailored to meet your needs
  3. Legal advice and regular case updates
  4. If required, free access to your credit report
  5. Additional resources that will aid you in managing your finances later
  6. Without a doubt, Lexington has assembled one of the top legal and counseling teams you will ever encounter.

Additionally, it works hard to guarantee that the personnel is knowledgeable about the best and most recent techniques for credit restoration.

Here, the work procedure is straightforward. When you sign up for one of their plans, you must disclose your credit report. The company will come up with an improvement strategy for you after taking your credit position into account.

Prices could differ from one plan to another. In less than six months, you should be able to notice the benefits.

Long-term creditworthiness is ensured by the company, and you are free to apply for the best credit cards and loan programs as needed. The company has so far done a great job expunging the following unfavorable information from your records.

  1. previous insolvencies
  2. untimely payments
  3. Unpaid debts
  4. Loans
  5. charging off
  6. Receivables accounts
  7. vehicles being repossessed

What Ways Does Lexington Enhance Your Credit Report?

The main reason why clients use credit repair businesses is that they save them time. The majority of us lack the free time necessary to pursue a credit report dispute and handle follow-ups.

Aside from that, giving things to professionals would definitely free you up from some burdens. The company will take care of all of your financial concerns, allowing you to concentrate on other things like your job or spending time with your family.

If your credit record is already in poor shape, you must also take precautions to prevent additional harm. For this reason, it is better to use a credit repair business rather than handling things in an unprofessional manner.

By collaborating with the skilled legal and counseling team in Lexington, you can take advantage of all these advantages. You may repair your credit standing and regain control of your finances with the help of their years of knowledge.

Here is a brief explanation of how the Lexington Law office handles your credit report.

Examine your credit report and challenge any negative information.
Lexington’s first job is to collect your credit report and carefully review it to identify all the mistakes that can be cleared up.

The business will assign you a paralegal to evaluate the problems in your credit report and conduct conversations with you as soon as they embark on your case. This team member will also keep you informed of the case’s development.

The team will decide which things should be removed before getting in touch with the appropriate credit bureaus, lenders, card issuers, or creditors that have the authority to remove the record from your credit report.

The disagreement is sometimes continued by presenting evidence that the thing in question is false or inaccurate.

Other times, the team might need to approach the opposing side and beg them for a favor so they can settle the dispute in a way that could get them removed from the report.

Make Follow-Up Contact With Debtors and Credit Bureaus

It is not only about submitting a complaint. The hard part is keeping track of follow-ups and communicating with lenders and credit bureaus until the problem is fixed.

Maintaining awareness of all the specifics at this time is crucial in case something doesn’t work out as expected.

To prevent future harm to your credit record, Lexington Law firm must send in experts and address this situation in accordance with the law.

Update You Frequently On Progress

The strategy that will be presented to you will also include frequent updates and alerts regarding the status of your case.

While this is not available with Lexington Law’s Standard Credit Repair Plan, there are several programs that you can select and employ credit monitoring services right immediately.

Stay put as we discuss the company’s various plans in more detail below.

Does Lexington Law Really Work, and If So, What Cons?

Even though Lexington Law company has a lot of advantages to offer you, it also has some drawbacks.

We are certain that by this point, the article has given you a solid understanding of the benefits of selecting a business for credit repair.

Let’s give you guys a quick rundown of the characteristics that set Lexington apart from the competition, though, before we look at some of the drawbacks.

  1. The business is entirely trustworthy. You shouldn’t be hesitant to share your personal information or worry about the company’s reputation. You are in good hands, as is your credit record!
  2. Its crew is made up of knowledgeable employees who won’t let you down. Rest assured that Lexington only employs the best!
  3. When compared to what other organizations charge, our site’s Standard credit repair service is relatively inexpensive. More information on Lexington credit repair plans and their prices will be provided in the next section.

Here are several disadvantages that you need to take into account when submitting your case to the Lexington firm, and this is the harder part.

Its legal history has not been entirely clear.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued Lexington Law in 2019 in a related case. The bureau asserted that the company had a partnership with a third party that recommended clients deal solely with the Law agency if they wanted to repair their credit records.

Legally speaking, this kind of connected network is prohibited, which has damaged the law firm’s credibility. Despite some court hearings on this case, the problem has not yet been resolved.

There are also some accusations that Lexington has received more than 500 complaints, to which they have not yet responded. The corporate representatives, on the other hand, claim that they are handling as many complaints as they can each day and that they would be meticulous when responding to any accusations made by clients or other organizations.

There Are Additional Fees

The company’s ability to provide a cost-effective solution to clients who are already struggling financially was one of its strongest selling points. The fact that its plans include some unstated fees is a drawback.

When Lexington Law takes your case, they will request $14.95 from you. The justification would be that doing this would enable them to begin your paperwork more quickly. On their rate list, this fee is not mentioned at all. Furthermore, there is no assurance that the work will begin more quickly or adhere to the same process.

What is the Lexington law firm’s cost analysis?

With Lexington Law, you have a choice of three distinct credit restoration programs. These are Premier Plus, Premier, and Concord Standard.

When you need suitable credit repair when you are on a tight budget, the regular plan is generally adequate. It costs $89.95 and provides all the essential services, such as professional team supervision, paralegal assignment, regular progress updates, etc.

For people who want substantial credit restoration services, Concord Premier, priced at $109.95, is advised. The plan would get you access to some educational sessions that the business hosts in addition to helping you deal with the immediate crisis. These are meant to instruct customers on how to handle their bad credit in the future.

Premier Plus, the most expensive credit restoration program, runs roughly $129.95. This is intended for people who have badly damaged credit reports due to difficult-to-remove bankruptcies and repossessions.

Are You Unconvinced That Lexington Law Actually Works?

Not everyone would be a good fit for Lexington Law. As a result, it is always advisable to weigh your options before choosing which service you want to use. There is no need to conduct in-depth research because we have provided you with the top options below. Look at that!

Blue Sky Credit Repair

  • The business was founded in 1989, therefore it has extensive experience in the credit repair sector. It has engaged individuals with experience and reliability.
  • If they are unable to raise your credit score within 90 days, they will give you a full refund.
  • To begin your case, Sky Blue Credit Repair will charge you $79
  • They provide one of the quickest credit repair services in the US.

  • Users can access credit reports for free on
  • Additionally, several online credit management solutions have been introduced.
  • In the first four months, the firm guarantees an improvement of at least 40 points.
  • The entry-level credit plan is $99.95.
  • The company offers excellent customer service via phone and email.

Credit Saint

  • The business has an A+ BBB rating
  • offers a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee, comparable to Sky Blue Credit Repair agency.
  • Credit Saint will provide a free consultation so you can decide whether to register or not.
  • Their entry-level plan is only $79.99.
  • When your case is brought up, you must pay an account that has been established.

Before You Go

Your doubts would have been satisfactorily answered in the article. Maybe now you know the answer to the question,

“Does Lexington Law truly work?” It is without a doubt one of the most reliable services in the area.

Credit repair, on the other hand, is an activity that needs continual attention and work rather than a goal that you must achieve.

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