Paytm Interview Expertise for Software Engineer FTE (On-Campus)

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I used to be interviewed on 11/11/2020. Total, there have been Four rounds- 1 on-line coding spherical, 2 technical rounds, 1 technical + Managerial spherical. All of the rounds had been elimination rounds.

Spherical 1 (On-line Coding 70 minutes): Three coding questions

  1. Given an integer, You simply have to vary the digits. (Three Marks) This was a simple query.

    0 - 9,
    1 - 8,
    2 - 7,
    9 - 0.

    Instance: Convert the under quantity.

    Enter: 420
    Output: 579
  2. This query was just like(Three Marks): 

  3. This query was based mostly on a tree and a slight variation of this(5 Marks):

This spherical was carried out on the CoCubes platform. I used to be in a position to resolve all three questions, those that solved 2 questions and obtained Eight or extra marks had been additionally referred to as for the interview. This spherical was a medium stage spherical, those that are in common contact with coding had been in a position to crack this spherical simply. A complete of 76 college students was referred to as for the interview. All of the interview rounds had been carried out on Google Meet.

Spherical 2 (Technical Interview 1 hour): This spherical was carried out by a Senior Software Engineer(I already checked his LinkedIn profile :p). The interviewer was tremendous pleasant and funky. He made me comfy by asking how am I, how was the day. He then requested to introduce myself. I did, then he was like I don’t need to hear about technical stuff. Inform me one thing else about you. So I advised him my hobbies, He then requested some questions associated to my hobbies. This spherical principally began as an HR spherical. Then, he requested me about my tasks. The dialogue on tasks went on for 15 minutes. He requested about all of the applied sciences I utilized in tasks. My undertaking was based mostly on Python, Picture Processing, and CNN so he requested me about them. Then he jumped on to the coding questions, he shared a Google doc with me and requested me to jot down code on it. 

  • Generate a Fibonacci sequence up-to an integer ‘n’, discover all of the prime numbers out of the sequence and print them.

This was a fairly simple query, I advised him the recursive strategy for Fibonacci. He then requested me to optimize it, then i used DP for producing Fibonacci and discover primes utilizing a sieve algorithm. He was glad with the strategy and requested me to jot down a code for a similar. I wrote the code in 5 minutes, telling him every thing I did within the code step-by-step. I dry run the code with some examples he gave me. He was glad with the code. Then he moved on to the subsequent query.

This was based mostly on Array Addressing and pointers, He gave me a code and requested me to jot down the output for a similar.


int a[15];
a[0] = 10;
a[14] = 100;
find- *(a), *(a + 0), *(a + 14), *(a) + 10

This was simple as I had already cleared the gate, However he was attempting to confuse me. I used to be assured about my solutions after which he moved on to the third query.

Given a graph, verify whether or not it’s a tree or not.

He requested me, when a graph turns into a tree and when it doesn’t turn out to be a tree. I answered about cycles and connectivity. Then he requested me in regards to the implementation and a few DFS associated questions. I answered, he was glad and eventually requested me to jot down code. I did it utilizing DFS. He gave me some examples to run. I efficiently did them. He was very glad after I obtained it proper. 

Then, he requested which database I utilized in my tasks and moved on to questions associated to DBMS and OOPS. 

  1. What’s DDL and DML in SQL, tuple in SQL?
  2. What’s a Major Key? Distinction between Major and Candidate Key. What’s International Key and why is it used with instance?
  3. What are the Four pillars of OOPS, Various kinds of Inheritance, together with examples?

Questions had been primary and if in case you have learn DBMS and oops correctly, it ought to be a cake stroll for you. I used to be in a position to reply all of them. Then he stated that he’s performed with the interview and If I had any questions for him. I requested him some questions associated to the applied sciences he’s at present engaged on in Paytm, How is his expertise in Paytm and what they count on from freshers in Paytm, Workload earlier than covid, and through covid. He answered all. Then I requested him my suggestions(I all the time ask this to each interviewer in order that I get an concept about how this spherical went and the place ought to I enhance). He gave my suggestions saying, “Since morning I’ve taken 6 interviews, Yours was the very best. I’m providing you with full marks on this spherical.” This actually made me so glad and extra assured for different rounds.

After 1.5 hours I obtained a mail for the subsequent technical interview spherical, round 55 individuals had been referred to as.

Spherical 3 (Technical Interview 45 minutes): This spherical began with the greetings, then he requested me to introduce in order that he can look into my resume. After the introduction, he requested me to clarify one in all my tasks he chooses. I defined to him, then he requested some simple project-related questions. He shared a doc hyperlink and he moved on to the Coding questions.

Query 1: Given a singly Linked Listing of one-digit numbers. We’ve got to think about Three consecutive nodes at a time and ADD them. If the addition is bigger than 9 then make these three nodes reverse within the Linked Listing.


Enter: 1 -> 5 -> 2 -> 4 -> 3 
Output: 1 -> 4 -> 2 -> 5 -> 3
Nodes 5, 2, Four make sum 11 which is bigger than 9. So reverse them.

I advised him the answer utilizing recursion he was high-quality with it and he then requested me to code. There was lots of pointer manipulation concerned, so he gave me three examples to dry run my code. I did it and he was glad. The following query was based mostly on a slight variation of frequency depend within the array. I used to be in a position to resolve it too utilizing a map in c++. It was simple. After this, he requested me BFS and DFS together with functions in actual life. Then he moved on to DBMS and gave me 2 tables. Mainly, I needed to create these two tables, fill within the values utilizing SQL, after which he gave me 2 queries associated to group by and joins. I used to be in a position to write one question proper and one improper.

He stated it’s high-quality and the interview is over. I requested him questions after which my feedback- He advised me that my coding half was meals and to focus extra on SQL. So, I assured him that I’ll undoubtedly enhance myself. I used to be skeptical about getting a name in regards to the subsequent spherical.

However I obtained a mail inside 5 minutes for the subsequent interview spherical, round 27 had been referred to as.

Spherical 4 (Technical + Managerial 30 minutes): This spherical began with a short introduction about him and me. He then moved on to tasks, He requested me deep in regards to the tasks. How did I make them, the variety of members within the group, my position in it? Difficulties in making tasks, some conflict between members, and the way did I resolve them. He was getting deep into the ML half and requested me about how I came upon the accuracy of the undertaking. How it may be improved. How a lot time my undertaking is taking to provide output. He then requested me in regards to the scalability of my undertaking if tens of millions of customers use it. I used to be in a position to reply all of them satisfactorily. So, I want to counsel to you all that you need to have a bit of thorough data about your tasks. After that, he requested me some easy OOPS ideas. Then he requested me to fee in JAVA out of 5. I rated myself 1(as I didn’t know JAVA a lot). He was shocked and requested me why? I advised him that I solely do coding in C++ and Python, so not used java a lot in life. He then skipped java questions. We had been already out of time. Then he requested me about my household and my hobbies. Then he requested me like preferable location, I stated Mumbai, however I’m able to relocate. Then he stated however we’re providing Noida, what if you happen to get this Paytm job and also you get one other job, based mostly in Mumbai. Will you permit Paytm? I advised him that If I get Paytm now, I’m not allowed to sit down for different firms on campus. Therefore, no probability of leaving Paytm. We each had a great chortle on this. Then I requested him some questions. 

After that, he immediately advised me that Benefit from the day, You’re IN. Give this excellent news to your dad and mom. However don’t inform this anybody till HR will get in contact with you. This was among the best moments of my life. My eyes obtained teary at that second itself. We each stated Goodbye. 

All this tough work fell into place. I obtained the very best Diwali reward ever. 

It was a one-day course of. Lastly, I obtained a mail at midnight. 15 college students together with me obtained chosen.

I would like to thank Geeksforgeeks for the very best content material, they’ve helped me loads in my preparation. And those that are making ready for interviews, I’d counsel them to code often and research technical stuff correctly, Be assured within the interview, you possibly can ace any technical interview. Thank You on your time.

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