Shade Common Design Functions With Blue-Inexperienced Chip LEDs

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Particular wavelengths emitted by these LEDs present assist in distinguishing between two colors amongst individuals with colour imaginative and prescient deficiency

Color is taken into account to be one of the vital vital technique of communication and performs an vital function in a wide range of methods. Nonetheless, roughly 200 million individuals with P-type and D-type color deficiencies world wide discover it troublesome to tell apart between crimson and inexperienced, presumably leading to info being inaccurately conveyed. Moreover, since color imaginative and prescient can range from individual to individual, it’s troublesome to understand how completely different individuals see sure colors, which will be very inconvenient and likewise problematic as different individuals could not discover this deficiency.

In consequence, there’s a rising want within the society to implement Shade Common Design that takes under consideration the assorted kinds of color imaginative and prescient with the intention to ship info precisely to as many individuals as doable. 

Reaching that’s the 1608-size excessive accuracy blue-green chip LEDs, SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W, which assist the adoption of Shade Common Design (CUD) in a wide range of purposes, resembling fireplace alarm system indicator lights, industrial tools warning lamps and public transportation info shows.

These blue-green chip LEDs have particular wavelengths and are thus ideally suited for implementing Shade Common Design in a variety of units, using a vertically built-in manufacturing system from the factor fabrication stage.

These LEDs are licensed by the Japanese NPO (Non-Revenue Group), Shade Common Design Group (hereafter known as CUDO) – making it doable to realize color schemes and designs that may be simply discernible by everybody, together with those that can’t distinguish variations in color.

Moreover, the appliance of a brand new resin considerably extends the LED lifetime whereas decreasing the degradation of sunshine depth in comparison with typical epoxy resins and bettering the mould energy in comparison with the silicone resins whereas offering superior reliability.

Key Characteristic

Particular wavelength blue-green LEDs – ideally suited for color common design purposes – Whereas there are a number of units that transmit info utilizing crimson and inexperienced colors, adopting blue-green and orange or yellow will make it simpler for individuals with P-type or D-type color deficiency and issue to tell apart crimson and inexperienced colors. As such, the color scheme is vital for conveying info utilizing LEDs.

By buying Shade Common Design certification for blue-green LEDs, it’s doable for individuals with varied kinds of color imaginative and prescient and sensitivities to precisely determine color patterns that embrace the usage of blue LED chip (SMLD12BN1WT86, λD: 470nm) and heat color LED chip (SML-D15YW, λD: 590nm; SML-D15DW, λD: 605nm).

Benefits of the SMLD12 Sequence

Adopts a brand new resin whereas guaranteeing excessive reliability

The SMLD12 sequence (SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W) utilises a brand new resin that improves on the next points when utilizing typical epoxy and silicone resins, permitting worry-free use in units requiring excessive reliability.

1) 20x longer life vs. epoxy resin

Luminous depth is maintained even throughout endurance testing (25°C, IF=20mA, 1,000hrs), leading to approx. 20x longer life on the similar residual gentle depth degree vs epoxy resin merchandise.


2) 25x larger mildew energy in comparison with silicone resin

 Adopting a brand new resin materials which impacts mountability improves mildew energy by 25x in comparison with silicone resin merchandise even at excessive temperatures (Ta=150°C). This minimises defects throughout mounting, attaining superior mountability.

Shade Common Design Software Examples

  • Working panel indicator lights for fireplace alarm methods, and many others.
  • Security warning lamps in industrial tools
  • Data boards for public transportation services
  • Car parking zone occupancy (empty/full) indicator lamps
  • Battery cost standing indicators
  • Show panels for hospital tools (i.e. nurse calls) and extra…

As per CUDO, variations in color imaginative and prescient is classed into the next 5 varieties:

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