Twin-screen apps use 9 new controls of Fluent UI for Floor Duo

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Microsoft desires to make use of Fluent UI for Surface Duo to assist builders create dual-screen apps. Because of this, Microsoft has introduced its first launch of Fluent UI Android controls for Floor Duo. Microsoft has introduced 9 Fluent UI controls for dual-screen gadgets.

New controls of Fluent UI for Floor Duo

Fluent UI permits builders to create cross-platform apps that share frequent sources, together with code, design, and interplay conduct, for a constant expertise throughout platforms. Microsoft builds Fluent UI’s Android controls with Kotlin, and are appropriate with Java.

Microsoft has additionally optimized the Fluent UI pattern app accessible on GitHub for dual-screen gadgets. Microsoft has optimized 9 Fluent UI controls for dual-screen gadgets:

Management Description
AppBarLayout Search enter field doesn’t prolong beneath the hinge
BottomSheet At all times seems on the proper display screen, and by no means beneath the hinge
CalendarView Might be spanned beneath hinge and day columns alter
Drawer Drawer seems on a single display screen
PeoplePickerView Persona chips will keep away from being positioned beneath the hinge
DateTimePicker Popups won’t seem beneath the hinge
PopupMenu Menus will keep away from showing beneath the hinge
Snackbar The snackbar will solely present on a single display screen, and never seem spanned beneath the hinge
Tooltip Tooltips keep away from showing beneath the hinge

“The pattern itself is contained in a dual-screen enhanced AppBarLayout management, which is said within the activity_demo_list.xml format,” Microsoft said. “The important thing enhancement of the AppBarLayout is that the search enter field doesn’t show beneath the hinge.”

Fluent UI’s Android controls use Snackbars to tell the consumer or get their (optionally available) enter. DateTimePicker management exhibits a popup date and time picker on a single display screen however later shifts to the proper as you span the app. Many different Fluent UI Android controls are on the market.

Earlier, Microsoft began optimizing your net searching expertise on dual-screen gadgets. Edge Chromium new helps new Web APIs for dual-screen devices. Microsoft Floor Duo kernel code is now accessible on GitHub. Because of this, third-party builders can create custom ROMs for Surface Duo.

Microsoft Edge Surface Duo

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