Can I withdraw money directly from my bank account or use Apple Pay at ATMs?

These days, the use of digital wallets is on the rise. You can easily transfer the money to your relatives and friends. To top it all off, if you don’t have a credit card, these are also accepted at numerous cardless ATMs. In relation to this, we will go through whether Apple Pay is supported by ATMs and which banks offer this service.

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At the majority of cardless ATMs, you can utilize the Apple Pay digital wallet service. Several of the top banks are now providing these cardless ATMs. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, and Chase are a few of these. Apple Pay at an ATM to use Input a credit card into the app > Debit card > ATM symbol > Apple Pay Wallet App > Verify > Use ATM after entering your ATM pin. Finish the transaction.

Indeed, wallet apps are ideal for online and even in-store purchases, deposits, and money transfers. They provide retailers and avid shoppers with countless benefits. One of the most popular services that Apple Inc. unveiled in 2014 for consumers to pay for goods they love is still Apple Pay.

Is Apple Pay Acceptable at ATMs?

One of the practical mobile payment methods that enables consumers to make purchases utilizing near-field communication is Apple Pay. One of the better options for replacing credit and debit cards is this. Additionally, a lot of credit cards and payment systems accept Apple Pay as a form of payment.

Additionally, you can send money from Apple Pay to a bank account and use the Apple Pay digital wallet service at the majority of cardless ATMs. Several of the top banks are now providing these cardless ATMs. These not only increase access to cash but also allow you to download apps for your cellphones.

All you have to do is locate a checking account that is appropriate for you. Examine the features of the banks that provide cardless ATMs to choose which best suits your needs. Typically, the majority of these banks collaborate with the Mastercard or Visa cardless ATM networks.

As we all know, an automated teller machine (ATM) is a banking device that enables users to do straightforward financial operations. You require an actual debit or credit card, as well as personal identification, in order to use an ATM.

Using Apple Pay at an ATM: How Do I?

When using an ATM, you can take out money from your bank account using Apple Pay. You don’t need to have a credit card or debit card on hand to do this. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Ensure that your device’s Wallet application has the bank card added.
  • The ATM will then display two symbols, Apple Pay and an NFC reader tag.
  • Use Use pay to gain access to an ATM and make a withdrawal.
  • Open the Wallet application now, then choose the debit card.
  • Tap your smartphone on the ATM’s icon.
  • Verify your Touch ID or Face ID next.
  • To move on, enter your ATM pin.
  • Finally, finish the transaction by using the ATM.

You can use one of three methods to access Apple Pay. You can either double-click your phone’s side button, place it close to an NFC scanner when it requests a credit card, or enable a fast button on the lock screen.

Additionally, it can add however many cards you like, but you are only permitted to select one as the default.

Which Banks Allow are Withdrawals Using Apple Pay?

Since there aren’t many NFC-enabled ATMs, it’s best to verify with your bank first. The best method is to check the ATM for the NFC contactless emblem; if you see one, you can easily use Apple Pay there.

There is a list of certain banks that permit Apple Pay withdrawals.

  1. By Wells Fargo
  2. Chase
  3. American Bank
  4. Citibank

Only a select number of locations accept Apple Pay. The majority of these do not provide offer the chance to get cash back. Additionally, if you plan to withdraw cash using Apple Pay Cash, you must transfer the funds to the bank account that is connected to your Apple Pay.

Exist any ATMs that don’t support Apple Pay?

However, a number of banks do not offer cordless ATMs or accept Apple Pay. Just a few of these are.

  1. Hawaii Bank
  2. Bank Fifth Third
  3. Bank City National
  4. PNC
  5. Wintrust
  6. Bank BB&T
  7. BBVA
  8. HSBC
  9. Bank HomeStreet
  10. Capital Bank of Plains
  11. Regions
  12. Wintrust
  13. First Farmers Trust & Bank

Before You Leave!

There is no need for you to physically hold a card when making a purchase thanks to Apple Pay’s integration with your mobile digital wallet software. Additionally, you can transfer and receive money via messaging to an iOS-compatible device from other users. If you use a card at an ATM, you will receive a special code that you must enter in order to withdraw money without a card.

Remember that you can only withdraw cash from an ATM without a debit card if you use an ATM that is owned by your bank and has the cardless contactless feature. Though some banks have their apps with internal security, others are less certain about the NFC possibilities. As opposed to this, certain banks have a higher adoption rate of cardless ATMs.

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