Your Way Out Of Bankruptcy: IndigoApply Invitation Number

Lenders who are ready to take a chance on borrowers who have “bankruptcy” noted on their credit report are few and far between.

However, IndigoApply is available to help you during your most trying financial times.

Have You Heard? You may use the Indigo Platinum Mastercard from IndigoApply at more than 35 million outlets worldwide.

You might be thinking that acquiring a credit card on these convenient terms has to have some drawbacks. The sole drawback, in actuality, is that this card offers rewards.

In addition, the annual price is high when compared to other available credit card options, the monthly charge is low, and you may easily prevent interest charges by making timely payments.

In this piece, we’ll give you a brief rundown of all IndigoApply.com has in store for you.

The terms and conditions for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard provided by IndigoApply are then covered in detail. Finally, we’ll explain how to register for this card with or without the mail offer that has been pre-approved.

Quick Overview of IndigoApply

Indigo appears to be a pretty straightforward credit card that might meet all of your requirements for credit repair. It is more expensive than some other options, but that is the cost of acquiring a credit card without the need for a security deposit.

Your application procedure would be quick and simple if you were fortunate enough to get a previously approved mail offer from IndigoApply. Otherwise, you can use the www.IndigoApply.com invitation number to submit a traditional application for the card.

Attention! The fact that this material is available in a number of styles is one quality that people have praised. Without any additional fees, you are free to select the one you like.

You may get it in a lot of financial hubs all over the world. After you receive confirmation that your credit card was approved, you can ask to have a PIN set.

This code is required to withdraw money from an ATM safely. On their cardholder agreement, more information about this is offered.

You will also have access to master roadside assistance and master rental coverage. In the event of a collision or a vehicle theft, you will receive immediate assistance. If you get a flat tyre or run out of fuel, you can also get assistance.

Additionally, the mobile app, which is accessible 24/7, allows users to access your Indigo account whenever you want. After receiving credit card approval, you can set up this account right away. You will be required to provide login information, such as your password and a valid email address. You are immediately ready to go after that!

Mastercard Indigo Platinum at IndigoApply


Many platforms make it clear that in order to be qualified for this offer, you must have at least a fair credit score. However, a score below average is also acceptable, and in some instances, applicants with a bankruptcy on the record have still received approval for the card.

Attention! The fact that this material is available in a number of styles is one quality that people have praised. Without any additional fees, you are free to select the one you like.

Annual Cost

Depending on your creditworthiness, the annual fees can range from $0 to $99 per year. Your approved credit limit will be taken into consideration when calculating the annual fee you must pay at the conclusion of the period.

Rates of Interest

The fixed regular APR for the Indigo Platinum credit card is 24.90 percent. As it is given to those with less-than-perfect credit, this card has a tendency to be quite expensive. You will be assessed a small fee as a security because the bank is taking a chance by granting you a card with a history that suggests otherwise.


This credit card does not give any immediate benefits, such as cashback or discounts. It does, however, have a lot of other benefits that we covered in the section above.


Sadly, unlike the majority of other reliable cards on the market, this card doesn’t really offer a $0 fraud liability. However, the customer care department responds quickly, allowing you to report your card lost and then have it deactivated right away.

The card also enables identity tracking and offers complete protection for the SSN, email IDs, passwords, and other private data you disclose throughout the application process.

using the Indigo Mastercard application at www.IndigoApply.com

By accessing www.IndigoApply.com or accepting a pre-approved offer, you can apply for an Indigo Platinum Mastercard. Even if your credit score doesn’t seem to be in great shape in either situation, you stand a fair chance of being approved as a cardholder.

1. Reacting to a Pre-approved Mail Offer from IndigoApply

You could reduce the amount of time required and simplify the application process by applying for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard using a pre-approved mail offer. Additionally, it increases your chances of getting accepted as a cardholder, however, this is still not a guarantee.

Note: Receiving a pre-approved offer signifies that a soft inquiry has been made into your credit file by the bank. This doesn’t lower your credit rating in any manner, unlike a hard inquiry.

When submitting the online form, you must provide the invitation number. To reach their official website, type www.IndigoApply.com into your browser. Here, enter the zip code and 12-digit invitation number in the appropriate boxes.

That’s all! In less than two minutes, your application would be finished. Wait a little while for the bank to respond. Ideally, you’d receive the acceptance letter in the mail within 7 days. If not, you will be informed of the rejection along with the reason behind it.

Attention! If the bank doesn’t respond to you within 14 days, you can call and speak with a representative. This typically signifies that they needed to process your data more thoroughly before making a judgment.

2. Application Without Mail Offer

It might surprise you to learn that using IndigoApply.com without the need for a mail offer is just as convenient. You can see a button that reads “Did not receive the invitation number” when you enter their official page. To continue, click this tab.

In the following window, you must fill out a form. Your full name, permanent email, residential city, zip code, date of birth, social security number, email address, primary phone number, and secondary phone number must all be entered in this field.

You would be asked to attest that you are over 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States in the section at the end of the application form. When you click the submit button, you will be informed right away if you have been pre-qualified.

3. Making a Bank Contact

If you run into any problems when completing your application, you can contact a representative. Call 1-888-260-4532 if you have any questions. You can call the bank to report a stolen or lost card using the same number.

Is It Legit & Safe?

We frequently ponder whether it is secure to respond to mail offers or divulge personal information on these platforms. Many clients are reluctant because they fear that their information might be disclosed to a third party without their consent.

However, IndigoApply is secure and legitimate in the face of all threats. Millions of consumers across the US have received credit cards from this trustworthy site. When it comes to disclosing personal information, the bank can be entirely trusted.

Have You Heard? This Indigo Platinum Mastercard is issued by Celtic Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Additionally, the bank’s customer service department can be reached right away. You won’t have any trouble reaching the representative because it is available every day of the week.

Wrap up

On the list of possibilities you have for improving a bad credit score, Indigo Platinum Mastercard stands out. You can actually see how much faith the bank is willing to place in you by the fact that IndigoApply has indeed been made available to those who have previously filed for bankruptcy!

The card does have a substantial yearly fee but transmits to the three main credit agencies. It appears that the agreement is that you can fix a bad score for a few extra dollars. However, if you continue to practice wise financial management, some fees, such as interest, should be the least of your concerns.

Making on-time payments and using your credit wisely will help you build a solid credit history and, ultimately, a high credit score.

You would be able to observe a favourable impact in your credit report in only a few months if you simply continued to act responsibly. Who knows, you might then be eligible for some premium credit cards.

We trust that this post answered all of your questions concerning IndigoApply. Are you prepared to try it? Please share your reviews with us in the space provided below. Luck to you!

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