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Is Apple Pay accepted at Target? At Target, complete contactless payments

Our preferred grocery store is Target, and they intend to add contactless bills to pay it even more practical. But does Target still accept Apple Pay? Let’s investigate!

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Target accepts Apple Pay, that’s true! Simply place your iPhone or Apple Watch close to a contactless reader and use it to pay at any Target location. Both the Target app and in-store shopping accept Apple Pay without any additional fees.

Is Apple Pay accepted at Target?

Target has over 1900 stores across the US, making grocery shopping more convenient, much as Apple Pay had made purchases simpler at gas stations, neighborhood shops, and even online.

Checkout at many establishments is now quite simple thanks to Apple Pay, a secure and safe contactless mobile payment solution.

Apple Pay is accepted in a lot of grocery retailers. The good news? Target also takes Apple Pay! This method of payment is accepted both in-person as well as on the Target App.

How Do I Configure Apple Pay On My iPhone?

You must first configure Apple Pay on your iPhone before you can use it. Additionally, Apple Pay is compatible with Apple Watch, turning your phone to check into contactless cards.

  • Go to Wallet and or Apple Pay in Settings.
  • Choose Add card, then input the desired payment option.
  • You can either manually enter the card information or scan your debit card to add it.
  • Accept the terms and conditions from Apple.
  • The card credentials will need to be verified.
  • Currently, the card has been added to an Apple Pay Wallet.

Gift cards and the Target RedCard cannot be added to the Apple Pay wallet.

Are using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch? To set it up, just adhere to these four easy steps:

  • Open the Apple Tv app on your connected iPhone.
  • To use Apple Pay, go-to wallet.
  • After selecting Add Card, enter the card information.
  • The card will be linked to Apple Pay after verification.

How to Use Apple Pay to Pay?

You may now be wondering how to use Apple Pay to make a purchase at Target. Well, that is actually quite easy. Look at this!

  • Enter your PIN, face ID, or touch ID to unlock your iPhone.
  • Look for the contactless payment symbol to see if the reader accepts them.
  • Bring your iPhone up close to the reader’s screen at this point.
  • Hold onto your phone until a ping or thank you is heard.
  • Both the reader and the screen of your iPhone will display a green checkmark.

That’s it; the transaction is complete; you are done swiping cards, entering pins, and waiting! The same mode of payment is accepted at Speedway, other retailers, and online.

How Does Apple Pay on the Target App Work?

Don’t worry if you have the Target App & want to use it to pay. By following these instructions, you may add Apple Pay as a payment option in the app.

  • Log into your account and launch the Target app.
  • Alternatively, select the Target location that is closest to you.
  • You will be prompted if the target supports contactless payments.
  • To proceed, click “got it.”
  • The products you want to buy can be put in the cart.
  • Now click the symbol for your shopping cart. Check the products one more, and then click the “Apple Pay” button in the dark.
  • Follow Apple Pay’s instructions. order confirmation
  • You can either wait for them to be delivered or pick up your purchase at the nearby Target.

What About Additional Payment Options That Target Accepts?

The shop allows numerous different payment options in addition to Apple Pay. Among them are:

  1. RedCard for Target
  2. Cards such as credit and debit
  3. cellular phone cards
  4. Galaxy Pay
  5. Gmail Pay
  6. PayPal
  7. Cash
  8. Discover/Novus
  9. Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Target)

Before You Leave!

If you’re still unsure whether your neighborhood Target store offers Apple Pay, use the Apple Maps app to find out.

Simply use the app and look up the retailer you wish to visit.

Check for the Apple Pay logo or even the phrase “accepts Apple Pay” by opening the store details. If either is absent, Apple Pay is not accepted at the establishment.

We trust that this information has addressed any of your questions. If not, please feel free to leave your comments with any questions.

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