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Is It Possible To Make This Money Transfer From Direct Express to Cash App?

Cash App accepts payments from a variety of accounts, including PayPal and Venmo, but not debit cards.

We have not yet confirmed whether money can be sent from Direct Express into Cash App.

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Simply go to the cash app, add Direct Express Card details, and start transferring money. Additionally, you can transfer funds by using a Direct Express card to a bank account by calling 1(888) 741-1115.

What Is The Process For Money Transfer From Direct Express via Cash App?

A Direct Express prepaid card can be added to the Cash App and then used to transmit money. After all, Cash App allows VISA and Mastercard along with all other popular credit cards.

  • Activate the Cash App.
  • Choose My Cash from the menu at the top of the front page.
  • then select Bitcoins and Cash from the drop-down option.
  • You should seek for and consider Add Bank.
  • Specify your Direct Express card’s details, including the card number.
  • Verify that you really want to attach the card using Cash App.

Once you’ve finished configuring the app in this way, you’ll be able to transfer money between your Express card or Cash App.

How to Use a Linked Bank Account to Send Cash From Direct Express via Cash App?

It is always practical to understand how to transfer money to and from a bank account. Similar to this, cardholders must be interested in learning how to move money from an Express card to the bank account so that it can be shared with their Cash App later.

Thankfully, bank transfers are possible with a prepaid card.

You can send money to such a personal bank account even if the process is different from conventional transfers.

  • Call the customer support line at 1(888) 741-1115 to request a transfer.
  • As an alternative, you may send money using your online account with US-Direct Express.

Direct Express Debit Card Monthly Fees

There are still some expenses that you must be aware of even though Direct Express has kindly waived some of them.

It costs nothing to apply for a card.

Additionally, it is totally free each month. You must be aware of the main expenses if you plan to use the card regularly.

Activity Fee
Monthly paper statement $0.75
Transfer to US bank account $1.50 per transfer
Direct Express cash access $0.85
Replacement of the debit card $4.00
Delivery of replacement card $13.50
ATM withdrawal outside the US $3 + 3% of the amount
Purchases outside the US 3%

A Direct Express Card’s security level

You’ll want to know how secure your finances are if you’re using a Direct Express prepaid card when transfer money into Cash App or another account.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides insurance for Direct Express (FDIC). You don’t need to be concerned about losing your cash.

Additionally, in the event that the card is lost or stolen, you will be covered by a $0 liability policy.

Additionally, you can quickly ask for a new card. There are, however, a number of taxes and levies that must be paid.


What Advantages Does the Direct Express Debit Card Offer?

You can manage your money better with the aid of Direct Express.

Your money is always protected by it: One of the biggest game-changers is the fact that their assets are FDIC-insured. If the company files for bankruptcy or if the system has any problems, you will be able to have your money back.

Your transactions are protected by a PIN: Every time you wanted to make an ATM withdrawal or a money transfer to another account, you would have to enter a PIN. This PIN is kept secret because it was created by the account holder.

Super Convenient: The Direct Express card is used wherever that accepts Mastercard. Some retailers offer cashback to customers who use debit cards to make purchases.

There are always funds available A government organization can send you money to your card with simply your basic card details. In a few hours or even minutes, it will be prepared!

What Do Federal Government Payments Look Like with a Direct Express Prepaid Card Account?

The following benefits are available to you thanks to Direct Express’s potential receipt of various federal funds.


  1. Program of assistance.
  2. Work Therapy for Compensation
  3. Annuitant Pay for DFAS.
  4. Former Spouse Pay in DFAS.
  5. Annuity for Railroad Retirement.
  6. Assistance with Reserve Education.
  7. Military Retiree Pay.
  8. Retirement from Social Security.
  9. Additional Security Income.
  10. Health Administration for Veterans.

Take-Home Points

You may use Cash App to send money with your Direct Express card because it has a routing number as well as an account number. Money exchange is simple after you add the debit card as just an option just on Cash App.

It’s a win-win situation because the Direct Express card also qualifies you for government benefits. It may be used to pay bills in retailers, make online purchases, and withdraw cash via ATMs similar to Cash App.

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