Can you use the Internet to move money from a credit card to a prepaid card?

You’ve come to the right place if you want to know how to move money from a credit card to a prepaid card online. Just stick around, and we’ll explain how it works.

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Several online financial services, like Google Pay, Venmo, Zelle, Azimo, Payoneer, WorldRemit, and others, let you move money from a credit card to a prepaid card. Just give your credit card account number and a few other pieces of information to finish the transfer.

How to Move Money Online from a Credit Card to a Prepaid Card?

Today, it’s easy to move money from a debit card to a bank account, thanks to all the technology that helps you do things as quickly as possible. People no longer have to stand in long lines to get their banking done. But the way transfers from credit cards to prepaid cards work is a little bit different.

The best payment cards are prepaid cards because you don’t have to link them to official banks. They work just as well as debit or credit cards and can be used to buy a lot of things.

What should you look out for when sending money from a credit card to a prepaid card?

Here are a few things you need to know before you can move money from a credit card to a prepaid card:

  • Find out what the transfer fee is so you don’t get hit with any extra costs. Prepaid cards are best because they have a low minimum price. So, you should contact the service provider to find out if there are any fees along the way.
  • Learn as much as you can about the rules and requirements of each card and company.
  • Check your card’s balance before making a transfer to see if you have enough money to meet the minimum transfer limit.
  • Also, please look into how your credit card company works and see how they take care of each service they have for you.
  • There are many financial platforms that can help you move money from a credit card to a prepaid card, but it’s important to find the one that works best for you and has the best service.
  • If you use a website or a mobile app, you will have to give your card information. Make sure that the platform is safe and that data is encrypted.

How to Move Money Online from a Credit Card to a Prepaid Card?

Money transfers online are quick and easy, but that doesn’t mean you can do it on any platform. If you want to make a good decision, you need to think about all of your options.

Here are some of the best places to transfer money to your prepaid card online:


We all know that Paypal is one of the most popular ways to send money anywhere in the world. You can move money from your bank account to PayPal, from Venmo to PayPal, or from PayPal to Cash App. The fee depends on where the money is coming from. For example, if you use a debit or credit card, the fee is 2.9% of the total amount, but if you use a linked bank account or your PayPal balance, the fee is $0.

By entering your name, contact information, PIN, and prepaid card account number, you can send money from a credit card to a prepaid card. Next, you’ll get a confirmation code. Type that code in to finish the transaction.

Transfers made through PayPal take between one and three business days to show up in the account of the person receiving them.


With Azimo, you can send money to more than 80 different countries. It has the best exchange rate and doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Unlike banks, it helps you save 75% of your money and helps you make a realistic budget.

To send with Azimo, you need to make an account, set up a transfer, and pay through their platform in a safe way. You don’t have to worry about fraud when you use Azimo because the transfers are safe and the information is encrypted.

Make sure you have the prepaid card number of the recipient. The first two transfers are free, but you will have to pay a certain amount.


Venmo is another online payment service that you can use. It lets you transfer money between friends and gives you a 3 percent cashback on top of that. You can also Venmo yourself anytime, anywhere. It works in the same way as a lot of other options. With Venmo, you can pay for things online or in person. It also comes with a Venmo Debit Card that you can use to buy things in the country.

To move money from a credit card to a prepaid card, you need the number of the prepaid card, the amount you want to send, and the PIN of the card. Whenever you make a transfer, you’ll get a confirmation code that lets you approve the transaction.

Venmo lets you transfer up to $299, and the fee is 3 percent of the total amount you send.


Payoneer is another great company for transferring money. It doesn’t charge any hidden fees and can save you up to 70% of your money. You can use the money in your Payoneer account to pay for multiple things and move money from one country to another.

To move forward, you need to give your credit card number, your card’s security PIN, and the amount you want to send. Also, Payoneer’s transfer fee is only about 1% of the total amount being sent.

Payoneer can be used for digital marketing with freelancers, service providers, and sellers on E-commerce marketplaces, among other things.


WorldRemit is one of the most reliable places to move money from a credit card to a prepaid card quickly and easily. It’s quick, safe, and has better exchange rates than a number of traditional banks that compete with it.

All you have to do is download their app, and you can transfer money online as quickly as possible. It also offers services like Bank Transfer, Cash Pickup, transferring money to the Mobile Money account, and topping up Airtime.

To finish the process, you have to link your card for the transfer and give your name, contact information, bank details, SWIFT code, and IBAN.


Zelle is one of the best ways to send money to someone else. It works with banks all over the United States and has a mobile app that is easy to use. It keeps all of your information safe, and only the two concerned authorities can see the information you give them.

With Zelle and the Chase Mobile app, you can also split the cost of bills with friends and family. Compared to many other platforms, the transfer is quick, and the money is available right away in the recipient’s account.

To send money to your prepaid card, you’ll need a credit card linked to your bank account.

What About Other Ways to Send Money from a Credit Card to a Prepaid Card?

Other financial institutions that can help you with the process are:

  • Fees for Square Cash are 3 percent of the amount you send. The most you can transfer in a week is $250.
  • With Google Pay, you can send up to $9,999 in a single transaction.
  • With Chase QuickPay, you can only transfer up to $2,000 per day and $8,000 per week.

The rules are pretty much the same, and you just have to follow the instructions on the site you want to use.

The key is to link your credit card account to the payment platform you choose so that the transfer goes smoothly and quickly.

Don’t Leave!

Because of the way traditional banking works, you have to follow a very strict set of rules. All of the steps are done by hand, which takes time and effort. On the other hand, you can now do most of your banking online, which is the best way to do it.

All of the platforms we’ve talked about above can help you transfer money in different ways, some locally and some internationally, and they all do the best they can. Just give the account number for your credit card, and the transfer will go through smoothly.

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