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10 + Online Banks That Chime

One of the better alternatives, Chime has long offered its customers the best mobile banking services. Despite Chime being at the top of the game, there can be certain obstacles preventing you from receiving premium services. A pattern of many people researching various online banks, including Chime, which may be the greatest online banking platform, has been seen.

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You may take advantage of a number of overwhelming features with online banks such as Chime—say let’s better than Chime. Whereas Chime offers a below-average APY, its many competitors, including Cash App, Varo, and MoneyLion, can meet your needs in one way or another.

Leading Online Banks That Chime

Here are some of our top selections for online banks similar to Chime. With a few additional advanced functions that the Chime does not now offer, they function similarly to the Chime.


Other Banks Like Chime APY Minimum Deposit Cashback Overdraft Fees
MoneyLion 5.99%- 29.99% No minimum deposit MoneyLion Mastercard $30 typically
Axos Bank Up to 1.00% $50 typically Up to 1.00% Zero
Juno 1.20% No minimum deposit 5% on $3000 annually No overdraft fees
Ally 0.10% No minimum deposit Zero
Cash App  No APY No minimum deposit Cash App Cash Card No overdraft fees
Varo  0.50%-3% APY No minimum deposit Varo Bank Visa Debit Card No overdraft fees


With the exception of a few features and services, MoneyLion is among the digital banking systems that function similarly to Chime. As MoneyLion doesn’t carry out any hard credit analysis that might affect your credit score, it is ideal for those who want to raise their credit scores.

Additionally, there are no additional fees that are not disclosed. For its consumers, it provides a wide range of financial services and goods, including checking accounts, Instacash advances, debit cards, credit builder loans, MoneyLion cryptocurrency, and many more.

There really is no minimum spend requirement to open an account with MoneyLion, and the APR ranges from 5.99 percent to 29.99 percent. You must, however, pay MoneyLion’s Investment Account Fee, which is at least $1 every month.

Additionally, it provides its Credit Builder Plus Membership, a financial membership program that costs $19.99 per month. The finest alternatives to Chime are MoneyLion’s personal money monitor, which lets you maintain tabs on your balance and give it a quick check.

Bank Axos

The Axos bank is another excellent Chime substitute. Additionally, there are no overdraft fees and no monthly maintenance fees. Axos allows you to have five distinct checking accounts, all of which are divided into two age categories.

Axos Bank requires a $50 opening deposit.

You can also receive a reward on purchases made with the signature debit card of up to 1 percent and a maximum of $2000 using the debit card, but you must have a minimum checking account of $1500 to qualify.

The $12 domestic ATM charge reimbursement per month is one of Axos Bank’s additional perks.

It also has a different account called the Rewards Checking Account, in which you can earn up to 1% in interest. However, you need to spend $3 in order to qualify for the incentives.


Another excellent substitute for the Chime is OnJuno. There are no monthly service fees and no minimum deposit requirements to open the account. Through their site, you may also receive cashback.

OnJuno offers a 2.15 percent annual percentage yield (APY) and a 5% return on up to $500 in purchases.

When you established your first direct deposit, you can get a $50 incentive and a Metal card, that has superior benefits in contrast to Chime’s services. Isn’t it wonderful that you can purchase and trade cryptocurrency here for as little as $1?

Since it charges a relatively affordable fee for international transfers, OnJuno primarily attracts users from other countries. You don’t need to worry regarding your credit score at all because OnJuno does little to no credit checks.


Ally provides its clients with high-quality financial services and lets you use its platform to invest in equities. Simple online registration without the need for further information is required.

For balances under $15,000, Ally offers an APY of 0.10 percent; for balances over $15,000, the APY is 0.25 percent.

Ally is our favorite pick since the bank has no minimum deposit requirement, unlike many other Chime competitors. In addition to providing free services, it also offers its clients an online savings account.

The Interest Checking Account, on the other hand, offers an APY of 0.10 percent. So, if you’re looking for the greatest Chime alternatives, Ally might be your top choice if it best suits your needs.

Money App

One of the simplest and most practical ways to send money from one person to another without having to go through complicated steps is with Cash App. To your surprise, there are no monthly service fees or transaction costs.

It offers a variety of user-friendly services, including the ability to trade stocks and bitcoin for as little as $1. Cash App will take care of all of your demands, allowing you to operate freely on the stock market. A totally free ATM withdrawal is also available if you deposit $300 into your account each month.

The Cash App’s ability to allow you to receive your paycheck @ least two days before the actual day is its most promising feature.

The Cash Boosts are another appealing aspect of the Cash App, in contrast to Chime. These operate so that you can take advantage of several savings by using the Cash App Cash Card.

Please be aware that there are very few buying restrictions with Cash Boosts.


The Varo app, recognized for a variety of financial products and services like savings accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and many others, may be familiar to you. It does not impose a monthly fee for its services, unlike many other online banking options.

It has a fascinating and nominally increasing APY earning process. For instance, you can earn a 3 percent APY on a $5000 amount.

Additionally, it provides a plan for your monthly savings that assist you in making the best financial decisions. Save Your Change and Also save Your Pay are two of their savings initiatives.

  • Save Your Change: This program rounds up all of your financial transactions to the next digit and deposits the difference in your savings account.
  • Save Your Pay: While you’re here, a predetermined portion of your deposit is transferred to your savings account.

Finally, Varo offers free overdraft fees on very convenient money transfers. Varo is legally guaranteed by the FDIC, therefore you won’t need to worry about the legitimacy of your transactions because they are completely safe and secure.

Check Out Other Online Banks Similar Chime – Banks and Checking Accounts

Chime Alternatives Key Features
LendingClub Banking 0.75% APY on the first $20,000 and earn up to 0.15% APY interest
MX Fastest growing fintech provider and is among the top 50 digital banking providers
Acorns $10 sign-up bonus and $0 minimum account balance. $3 monthly to get Acorns Spend checking account
Charles Schwab Earn a 0.03% APY on the entire account balance. No foreign transaction fees
Starling Allows sending money to 39 countries worldwide. Does not charge any fee for a personal account
Discover No balance is required on monthly basis. The annual percentage yield of 0.40%
Bank5 Connect Free ATM credits of $15 and a 0.20% APY on balances of more than $100
Customer Credit Union Earn 4.09% APY on initial $10,000 in deposits. Free ATM access
MyBank Allows the transfer of funds through IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, and Quick Transfer
Quontic  Earn APY up to 1.01% and a minimum deposit of $100 is required

Why Use Online Banks Such as Chime?

Chime is unquestionably one of the financial technologies that, through its banking services, has benefited a lot of individuals. They do not impose a monthly service fee or maintenance fee. Additionally, it does not impose any minimum balance limitations on its clients.

But it is fair to remark that Chime has some drawbacks or restrictions that some users may find objectionable. Because of this, people started hunting for the best Chime substitutes that may provide them with extra advantages over the Chime.

Chime offers extremely poor customer service and a subpar APY in comparison to other options.

Additionally, not all services are free; depending on the amount you are moving, you might have to pay for cash deposits and ATM withdrawals.

Additionally, it does not support multi-currency transfers, and using your card abroad will result in substantially greater fees than doing so domestically.

People switching to alternative online banks like Chime to avoid these issues is the result of numerous causes.

The Must-Haves for Good Digital Bank Prerequisites!

Even though digital banking has advanced significantly in recent years, it must uphold the standards that high-quality services helped to establish. Without having to wait in long lines at the bank, people may use the digital banking service from anywhere in the world.

While there are many such benefits, the following are some important prerequisites that a competitive, respectable digital bank must have:

  • Security is, by far, one of the most important needs when switching to internet banking. All transactions that a person does through a certain platform must be secure and free of fraud.
  • Online banks are the best of all because they have no hidden fees, in contrast to many financial services that do. The requirement to pay an annual overdraft fee can be both discouraging and irritating. This ongoing hassle for clients should be eliminated by any good digital bank.
  • Services and Features: The entire point of digital banking is to give consumers exceptional features so they won’t have to endure the everyday hassle of physically visiting banks. Therefore, a top-notch digital bank ought to make transactions, fund transfers, and bill payments simple for everyone.
  • Cashback: Online banking platforms are gradually integrating cashback as one of their cutting-edge features. Offering them financial rewards based on how frequently they use their credit/debit cards, retains existing customers, and draws in more and more new ones.

Before You Leave!

We hope that by now you are well acquainted with the various online banks, including Chime, to choose a suitable substitute for yourself. Chime is still the best digital banking platform, however, it has several limitations that may not be in many users’ best interests.

All of the aforementioned alternatives to Chime are rivals and are well-known for providing top-notch online banking services and financial solutions. So don’t put it off any longer and connect to one of these options to experience a useful and long-lasting financial savings.

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