Are there any Online Retailers that accept EBT?

In the epidemic era, EBT has unquestionably been the ideal replacement for traditional payment options. It is extensively utilized in the United States, and we will inform you about various stores that accept EBT online in this tutorial.

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At numerous online retailers, you can use your EBT card and your SNAP benefits. Get groceries delivered to your door for the most part free. Simply make sure your shopping bill is greater than $35 to qualify for SNAP benefits. Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Publix, H-E-B, ShopRite, Safeway, and numerous other retailers accept EBT online.

Everything You Need to Know About EBT

One of the easiest ways for participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to pay for a variety of online food purchases is through electronic benefits transfers. You may buy food from a variety of businesses with your EBT card, and it even offers home delivery.

Please make sure you have the Instacart app and check what stores there accept both the EBT payment method and the home delivery option before using the home delivery service while using an EBT card. You may now be wondering what an EBT card is and how it functions. Let’s do that without more delay!

It functions very similarly to a debit or credit card, and the money is often obtained via government-sponsored nutrition benefits. The money on other credit or debit cards, on the other hand, comes from the bank account immediately.

People in the US can access the benefits provided to them through the Golden State Advantage EBT card because the EBT system is operating there. One of the US government-run online shopping schemes that provide members with SNAP benefits is called SNAP.

Utilizing SNAP EBT on Instacart

For orders above $35, Instacart has long supported payments made using EBT cards at a variety of retailers. All that is required is:

  • For payment, add your EBT SNAP card.
  • Put food products that are SNAP-eligible in the cart.
  • Pay at the register with SNAP and EBT.

To add to your delight, an Instacart Express Membership is also available for roughly $99 per year or $9.99 per month, and it includes free delivery!

Online Stores Accepting EBT


Except for Alaska, Louisiana, Montana, and Hawaii, all states accept SNAP EBT as payment at Amazon. With the SNAP EBT, you can purchase fresh goods, pantry essentials, non-alcoholic beverages, dairy products, and much more.

Simply add your SNAP EBT card, shop for food and specials, then pay for the qualifying products with your EBT PIN.


Walmart is yet another legendary retailer that takes EBT payments online. It is recognized in a number of states, and Walmart also accepts SNAPS benefits for in-store purchases. One of the fastest payment methods for customers at Walmart is EBT, which is comparable to utilizing Klarna in stores.

Add things to your cart, update your payment information, then proceed to the checkout. Next, select your EBT card from the payment choices, then submit your order.


You must check before choosing to pay with an EBT card at a few specific locations where it takes EBT for SNAP users through Instacart. Publix accepts this method of payment, allowing customers to purchase groceries online without rushing to the store or carrying a lot of cash with them.

By heading to Account Settings > Payment Methods > EBT Card > Create Next > Billing Address > Save >, you can add an EBT payment method. Complete the remainder.

Shop Stop

The Stop & Shop store is another on our list because it accepts EBT payments for a variety of groceries and other goods. It is accepted in more than 400 establishments, and fortunately, if you use Instacart, you may use your SNAP benefits to pay for the transaction.

You can select the Apply SNAP Benefits option while checking out and then select the EBT card amount to be used for the purchase.


Another option that accepts SNAP EBT online payments is Hy-Vee. Please be aware that it is only permitted in a few places. You must spend a minimum of $24.95 in order to use SNAP EBT; if you wish to spend less, get in touch with the Hy-Vee shop.

For owners of SNAP EBT cards, it provides Fuel Saver + PERKS benefits, special monthly discounts, and personal shoppers of Hy-Vee Plus premium membership.

Storage Market

At Warehouse Market in Oklahoma, EBT cardholders can use their cards to make payments. To find out what products are eligible for EBT payment, consult the Oklahoma EBT Food List.

Choose the groceries > Use EBT in-store. Visit the checkout line, then select perks. Oklahoma Access Card swipe, PIN input, and confirmation


More than 2000 Kroger locations across the US accept EBT benefits. Kroger does not have a minimum purchase requirement for accepting EBT payments, in contrast to many other retail establishments. Therefore, use your SNAP EBT card to pay for the items you order from Kroger online.

When utilizing EBT, there is no pickup charge. Using your EBT card at the register, you can purchase dairy goods, fruits and vegetables, snacks, meat, poultry, and much more.


Another popular choice for using EBT benefits both in-store and for grocery pickup at most locations is Safeway. California, Arizona, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Washington are a few of the Safeway regions that accept EBT.

To utilize EBT on Safeway’s website, Register for a Safeway account > Put items in the cart Select SNAP EBT as your form of payment. To finish, follow the remaining instructions.


Your Electronic Benefit Transfer cards can now be used to purchase groceries and fresh products. You must confirm that the minimum order requirement of $30 per delivery—and not less than that—is acceptable in order to make purchases using your EBT card. To continue, you must look for food items that are SNAP-eligible.

Create an account at FreshDirect to use EBT to make purchases. Select SNAP-eligible products. Select an EBT card as your form of payment. While checking out, select the delivery time.

A number of Additional Stores Accepting EBT Online and Delivery Services

  1. Food & Pharmacy Brookshire’s
  2. ShopRite
  3. Markets Wright
  4. FarmboxRx
  5. Markets run by Woodman
  6. Market Town & Country
  7. Aldi
  8. Wholesale club BJ’s
  9. Van Til & Strack
  10. Mega Foodtown
  11. Tops Market for Friends
  12. Supermarkets Lucky
  13. Schnucks
  14. Fresh Markets at Roth’s
  15. Porky Wiggly
  16. Pioneer Food Co-op New
  17. New York Fruit Market

Before you leave

An EBT card has a security PIN to guard against theft and unauthorized use by third parties. Make sure you never divulge any card-related information. Using your SNAP EBT card, you may purchase online at a number of different retailers and have groceries delivered right to your door.

Instacart accepts this payment method and a number of retailers that have this facility, making it the most practical choice for maximizing your SNAP benefits. Use your SNAP funds to order groceries online, and they will be delivered whenever you like.

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