Plus-size Woman Uses Food To Recreate Celebrity Outfits, And The Result Is Better Than The Original

When it comes to cosplaying and creating unique dresses, Sine Benjaphorn is the one we can always count on to never disappoint us. 22-year-old from Ratchaburi City in Thailand says she always had a passion for food and cosplay. So eventually, she decided to combine these two interests, and the result is way better than you would ever imagine. “I love to eat, so I thought that food should be part of my costumes,” she told Bored Panda. “I have a lot of fun making every costume, and me and my relatives eat them afterwards.”

This whole ‘recreating celebrities looks’ was first just a genius way to promote her own shop dedicated to plus-size clothing, now Sine has become famous online and here recreated looks list goes from Rihanna all the way to Kim Jong-Un. She says that she gets most of her help from her mother and her aunt, and there is definitely a lot of work, for example, the yellow dress took over 30 kg of jackfruit to create.

Regarding Sine’s future plans, she would like to recreate a Disney Princes, and we just can’t wait what she’s gonna make out of it!

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