Does Speedway accept Apple Pay for in-store purchases and fuel purchases?

Users are now questioning if Speedway accepts Apple Pay as a form of payment at its stores and pumps as the company’s service spreads throughout the area.

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Although Apple Pay is not accepted at Speedway Pumps, it is accepted in Speedway convenience stores. Fortunately, Google Pay or Samsung Pay are other options for payment.

Apple Pay enables payments that would usually require a checking account to be made both in-person and online. Here, we’ll examine its applicability at several Speedway sites.

What is the Apple Pay policy for Speedway?

The Speedway Payment Policy’s rules are rather straightforward.

  • Apple Pay is accepted as payment at Speedway convenience outlets.
  • This method of payment is not currently accepted at the pumps.
  • Alternative methods of payment include cash, debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

A press statement from CS News has verified the information. The item will be updated if the payment policy is changed in any way.

What Additional Forms of Payment Does Speedway Accept?

As previously indicated, there are more ways to pay for fuel in Speedway gas stations.

  • Payment in cash.
  • Bank cards
  • American Express and Discovery credit cards.
  • Other credit cards you can use to make ACH payments by connecting to your bank account.

Google Pay or Samsung Pay are accepted in some places, however, this capability is still not commonly used.

How Can Apple Pay Be Set Up and Used at Speedway Retail Outlets?

Are you new to this? Not to worry! Let us walk you through a straightforward tutorial on how to set up Apple Pay on an Apple device, such as an iPhone, so you may use it to make purchases at Speedway retail outlets or other places.

  • On your phone, click Plus on the Wallet app.
  • After reading some information about Apple Pay on your screen, click Continue.
  • Select the card you want to add to Apple Pay.
  • Enter the card information manually or just hold the phone’s camera steady to take a picture of the card.
  • Await the system to complete the verification.
  • Done? Open your Wallet app once more the next time you visit a Speedway store.
  • Tap on it to show the default card.
  • Apple Pay contactless reader authentication
  • Watch is for a transaction to be completed.

Prior to leaving

With ever more merchants allowing customers to make purchases with Apple Pay, its use is expanding quickly. Along with establishments including Target, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, etc., Speedway is a relatively recent addition to the list.

As a result, Apple Pay would shortly be supported at 65% of all US retail locations.

For iPhone users who really can touch and pay while on the go, the service is quite convenient! We advise you to start using this payment method immediately if you are holding an Apple phone in you hands and are still unsure how to do so.

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