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Online Stores That Accept Personal Checks and eChecks

Nowadays, using credit and debit cards to make purchases both online and offline is extremely prevalent. But first, let’s look at a more modern and well-liked strategy that lists all the buying sites that accept personal checks and eChecks as well as the conditions you need to be aware of.

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You can pay for your purchases at a number of retail establishments, including Walmart, Wayfair, Amazon, B&H, Brandy Melville, Cabela’s, eBay, Milanoo, Oriental Trading, Vistaprint, and a few more, using eChecks and personal checks. Contrarily, several retailers, such as Ali Express, Foot Locker, Tiger Direct, Costco, Big Lots, and a few others, do not accept payment by check.

Online Stores That Accept Personal Checks and eChecks

Several online retailers accept personal checks and eChecks as forms of payment during the checkout process. The only thing you need to search for when paying online with eChecks is the online check-cashing businesses.

Shopping Sites Check Types Accepted 
Amazon  Pay through eChecks at Amazon
Appliances Connection Pay through physical checks or eCheck by PayPal
B&H Pay through physical checks or eCheck by PayPal
Brandy Melville  Pay through eCheck by PayPal
Cabela’s It accepts physical checks or eCheck at Cabela’s
eBay  You can pay through physical check or eCheck by PayPal at Cabela’s
Milanoo  Accepts eCheck by PayPal or you can make a bank transfer
Oriental Trading  Check types accepted here include physical check and eCheck by PayPal
QVC Physical check and eCheck by PayPal are accepted at QVC
Vista Print Allows payments through both the physical check and eCheck
Walmart eCheck by PayPal is accepted at the time of checkout
Wayfair  It accepts physical checks, eCheck and payments via PayPal
Nordstrom  You can pay via the eCheck at Nordstrom.
Dell  Dell platform is where you can make a purchase using the eCheck
Overstock Overstock allows you to pay with eCheck
SmartBargains  You can choose to pay manually through the check at the SmartBargains.

People now have the advantage of making payments for their purchases other than with credit and debit cards thanks to the growing popularity of electronic checks. Checks can be used to make purchases in a variety of settings and shops as you see fit.

Simply carry out your normal shopping routine and enter your bank routing number at the checkout along with your checking account details. You can see which checks are accepted by the particular platform under the payment option.

Alternatively, you can mail your checks to the address listed by these online merchants. The company processes your order that was put on hold as soon as they receive your cheque.

1. Amazon

One of the biggest international technology and e-commerce corporations is Amazon. With Amazon Shopping, you may buy a variety of products using a web-based platform and a selection of payment alternatives like Netspend and checks, which makes shopping simpler and more convenient.

Amazon accepts eCheck payments via bank transfer. Additionally, PayPal payments are not accepted. To pay using eChecks, select the Add a Checking account option when making your shipping and payment choices.

2. The Connection of Appliances

Appliances Connection, an official online shop, offers a wide selection of name-brand appliances in addition to furniture producers. Due to the ability to make purchases using checks, the payment method is fairly flexible.

It enables you to make payments using either a paper check or an eCheck through PayPal. You simply need to select PayPal as your method of payment when checking out using personal checks. Before your order is dispatched, it may take up to a couple of weeks for the check clearance.

3. B&H

B&H, one of the leading retailers of photo and video gear in the United States, is a dependable option for all aspiring photographers, artists, and musicians. For you to be able to make a variety of purchases, B&H Store accepts both real checks and eChecks through PayPal.

When checking out, you have the option of selecting PayPal as your method of payment. You can also call B&H’s customer service department at (800) 606-6969. The B&H support team will provide you with instructions on how to write a quote number on the cheque and send it to them by mail.

4. Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading is a one-stop online store that sells a wide range of goods, including party supplies, home decor, personalized clothing, event supplies, and much more. It is a leading direct marketer and supplier of all of these goods.

Physical checks and eChecks through PayPal are both accepted forms of payment at Oriental Trading. When checking out, you have the option of using PayPal as your payment method or even mailing your order form to Oriental Trading. On your checks, be sure to provide your current address.

You will be charged $20 as a service fee here if your check is ever returned due to insufficient funds.

5. Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville exudes an elite atmosphere with her attire and accessories. It is the ideal go-to brand for Generation Z because it has a history of marketing to young women and teenage females.

Only payments made using eChecks issued by PayPal are accepted by Brandy Melville. You will need to select PayPal as a payment method during the checkout, just as on any other platform. The next step is to select a bank as your method of payment to finish the transaction.

6. Cabela’s

Cabela’s is another online retailer that accepts check payments. It also offers other products like food kegs that are bear-proof and camping equipment. This American retailer focuses on equipment for outdoor leisure.

To make purchases, customers can use a paper check or an eCheck at Cabela’s. You can either mail your order to the address supplied by Cabela’s along with the payment check. Additionally, you can phone Cabela’s customer service and ask them to set up an electronic payment for you.

7. eBay

One of the biggest online marketplaces, eBay, is well-known for its global consumer-to-consumer sales and auctions. It is undoubtedly one of the main organizations acting as a platform for verification for all consumers and retailers.

eBay accepts payments using real checks as well as PayPal’s checks for your convenience. The sellers have several payment methods, and whichever method they accept will be shown during checkout. If sellers decide to use personal checks instead of the auction item, they can then buy the fixed-priced items.

8. Milanoo 

Milanoo offers its customers everything from beautiful handbags to fashionable shoes, including bridal gowns and cosplay costumes. It enables those who don’t want to pay with cash by providing check payments.

Milanoo offers payments for checks via PayPal or bank transfer, or more often, eChecks. Regarding the bank transfer, you must use the banking details provided on the website, which directs you through the payment process.

You cannot use personal checks at Milanoo; you must use PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer.

9. Vistaprint

Unique business cards and print solutions that are convenient and provide digital marketing items for small enterprises are all sold by Vistaprint. At Vistaprint, checks are a valid form of payment.

Both paper cheques and eChecks through PayPal are accepted by Vistaprint. Please be aware that paper checks are only available for orders over $10, whilst Vistaprint eChecks orders cannot exceed $10. To ensure that your order is cleared and handled, write your order number on the check and mail it to the relevant address.

10. Walmart

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the major international stores, Walmart, accepts checks for payment. The best elements to make customers’ purchases easier have been successfully included by this worldwide retail firm. Walmart makes it easy for its customers to pay with eChecks through PayPal.

Simply choose PayPal as your payment method here and your bank account during checkout. Through the Pay with Cash program, which you can use when checking out at Walmart, checks are also accepted. Just stop by their neighborhood shop and pay with a personal check.

11. Wayfair

Another US-based furniture firm that has been around for a while is Wayfair. It also sells things for the kitchen and dining areas, as well as décor. Physical checks, eChecks, and PayPal are just a few of the payment options that Wayfair accepts.

When paying with PayPal at checkout or after obtaining a quote, you can choose to pay by check or bank transfer. As Wayfair retains the purchases paid by check until they are received for clearing, you will need to wait at least 15 days.

12. QVC

The QVC platform, one of the biggest electronic retailers, specializes in broadcast home shopping. It also offers a variety of products for sale, including jewelry, home goods, cosmetics, and more.

The QVC accepts actual checks as well as eChecks from PayPal as forms of payment. During checkout, select PayPal or check/money order as your payment method. If you decide to use a check, please choose to place an order to finish the transaction.

Within ten days, you must mail your check to QVC’s address to avoid having your order canceled.

13. Nordstrom

Leading fashion retailer Nordstrom is a go-to place for stylish goods for men, women, and children. For those who love to shop, it has been a true paradise with its unmatched selection of goods.

At Nordstrom, you can use an eCheck as payment. You could as well have to give your account information and the routing number in order to make the payment. In a variety of product categories, Nordstrom accepts check payments.

14. Dell

You can use checks to pay for your laptops, desktops, gaming PCs, monitors, and a variety of other devices. Dell is an American business that sells computers and associated products and offers repair services for them.

Dell is another website where you can use the eCheck to pay for something. You only need to select this payment method during checkout to move forward. If you have a registered account, you can utilize the Dell online banking service as well.

15. Oversupply

The designer brand Overstock enables you to get furniture and household goods at incredibly low rates. Area rugs, window coverings, bed & bath, lights, mattresses, and a lot more products are also available.

With Overstock, you may use eCheck to pay for a variety of things. However, in order to make the payment for the purchase, the shopping site needs both your account number and checking account information.

16. SmartBargains

In addition to selling a wide range of products like watches, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, and baggage bags, SmartBargains sources products from leading brand names. At SmartBargains, you can also decide to pay manually using a check.

To begin the shipping procedure, simply make your check payable to SmartBargains and submit it to the address provided. Please write your name and address on the check’s front. As soon as the company receives your check and payment, your order will be shipped.

Online stores that do not accept personal checks or eChecks

Now that you are aware of the numerous online stores that accept eChecks, here are a few that do not offer this service and instead accept payments made using debit or credit cards.

  • Costco.com
  • Kohls.com
  • AliExpress.com
  • FootLocker.com
  • Sears
  • TigerDirect.com
  • New Navy
  • Republic of Bananas
  • Kmart
  • New Navy
  • Groupon
  • Williams-Sonoma.com
  • Staples.com
  • BigLots.com
  • Athleta!

Before You Go

It is really encouraging to see that more merchants are beginning to accept checks as a form of payment. Although there aren’t many stores that accept checks for payment, there are numerous reputable establishments that do.

While this can be a practical choice, please be aware that it could take weeks before you get your purchase. The safest and most convenient way to pay is through PayPal, where you can link your checking account using the routing number to your PayPal account to make direct payments.

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