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The “Venmo Lost Connection with Bank” Error: Why Are You Experiencing It?

Venmo lost connection with banks is a very typical problem that consumers can experience. In this manual, we’ll go through every possible cause of this problem, as well as how to quickly and easily remedy it.

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Many factors, including changes to banking credentials, security concerns, an outdated version of the Venmo app, altered banking multi-factor verification settings, and connectivity problems between the bank and Venmo, might cause Venmo to lose connection with a bank. Making sure everything is in order on your end before contacting the customer support service would be the finest remedy.

Venmo Lost Bank Connection

Being a digital financial institution, Venmo is susceptible to a variety of bugs and mistakes. Since a long time ago, customers have begun to notice problems with Venmo, notably noting that the app lost contact with the bank.

As we all know, having your bank-linked account to Venmo is a need in order to transfer and receive money using it. Making payments over this channel can get unpleasant while this issue is present.

Even while the connectivity problem continues to be the main problem, there is still a chance and space for some extra issues. We’ll be putting some light on some potential causes for your experience with Venmo losing connectivity due to bank problems.

Before we get started, it’s important to remember that while Venmo allows you to receive money without a bank account or debit card, you’ll need one to send money instantly, use loan services, etc.

1. Modifications to Banking Credentials

If you recently altered the information for your banking account, that may be one of the reasons you are experiencing this error. These might be your banking username, as well as modifications to your contact information and email address.

You offer specific contact information when opening a Venmo account in order to identify the banking credentials as well. Venmo no longer recognizes changes you make to previously entered information, which results in the disconnecting of your bank account.

To increase security, different banks ask their customers to update their credentials. It is only carried out to guard against potential fraud and security breaches of your account.

2. Security Concerns

The security follow-up is just another reason why Venmo may have disconnected your bank account. If someone tries to access your account, these are run from the end of the payment platforms.

It might occur if someone else tries to connect to your account from a different device using your login information. This repeated logging in notifies Venmo’s security system, which causes the bank account to also be disconnected to guard it against additional threats.

3. Making Use of an Outdated Venmo App

To make your connections faster, you should frequently upgrade your software. When they lack particular functionality, outdated programs might also be the root of a number of bugs. One of the possible effects of the old Venmo app was the loss of the link between Venmo and a bank.

The applications may be updated easily and quickly. Simply visit the relevant app in your Play Store and App Store to see if an update is necessary.

4. Modifying the Settings for Banking Multi-Factor Authentication

Another explanation for Venmo’s broken connection with the bank is that the bank’s Multi-Factor Verification settings were changed. Since Venmo notices all changes you make to the security settings for your online banking, it is comparable to the security check-up.

5. Problems Connecting Venmo and the Bank

One of the main causes of your bank account becoming removed from of the Venmo app is connectivity problems. Such institutes’ connected servers are under a lot of strain, which makes them vulnerable to problems with connections and other obstacles.

Now there is a decent chance that you, rather than the app or bank, are to blame for the connection fault.

Therefore, it would be prudent to restart your internet-connected gadget or reset your mobile device before you panic in order to rule out any such possibilities. If, after doing this, the problem persists, you can contact customer support or make one more attempt to use the web version before continuing.

How to Restore the Bank Connection in Venmo?

It’s not a big thing to fix the Venmo lost connection error, and you should do it right now. The corrective actions listed below are likely to resolve the problem, but if they don’t, you should contact customer support as a final resort.

1. examine your internet connection

Make sure everything is understood on your end before snapping on the Venmo app or your respective bank. Before doing anything further, you should first and foremost check your internet accessibility.

Restart your Wi-Fi device or switch servers to get the best internet connection possible, then let the program operate as intended. Use different applications on the same internet, and if there is no lag, your internet connection is secure.

2. Refresh the App

The issue can be resolved by updating the program since it frequently occurs when users are unaware that they are still utilising an old version. Examine the settings to see if an update is necessary or not.

The older version of Venmo includes slightly different navigational features. Therefore, if you haven’t set your phone to get updates automatically, keep checking for them. To make the app operate, you can uninstall it and then reinstall it.

3. Check the Bank Account Credentials

As we already discussed, when you change your banking credentials, Venmo will no longer be able to access your bank account. So please be aware that you will need to reconnect to the bank account if you change any of your banking credentials.

Check your banking information twice because the majority of banks demand their customers to change their online banking credentials. All you have to do at this point is re-add the bank account using your updated passwords to the Venmo app. It would then begin operating regularly. Ensure that the transfer you are using is legal before moving forward. For instance, Venmo does not accept international transactions, thus you cannot check foreign bank information on this site.

4. Update your Venmo bank account.

Before contacting the customer care team, you should try manually removing your bank account from Venmo. Here’s how to fix the problem and get rid of the current error.

Please take the actions listed below in order to delete your account.

  • The Venmo app, please. From there, select Settings.
  • Then navigate to Payment Methods.
  • Choose the bank account with which you are having trouble from here.
  • Finally, confirm the deletion of the account there.

Please take the actions listed below in order to add your account to Venmo once more.

  • After closing the prior bank account, open the Venmo app.
  • From there, navigate to Settings.
  • Select the Payment Methods option.
  • Select the Add a Bank or Card option, then pick the Bank option.
  • Correctly enter your bank login information.
  • Finally, select your verification method to resume using Venmo connected to your bank account.

Your account can be verified in one of two methods, namely by micro transfers or instantly. Compared to Instant transfers, Microtransfers can take longer. Additionally, you must pay a minimum of $2 for the bank account verification.

Get in touch with customer service

Contacting Venmo customer service should be your final resort after attempting every possible corrective action. Please inform them of the problem at hand and the steps you have taken to address it. They can ask you to uninstall the software and reinstall it or take other necessary action.

A responsive customer support team is available through Venmo to help you with any issues. You must, however, be completely open and honest with them about every aspect. Then, to the best of their skills, they can direct you.

If they are unable to track the problem from their end, they could as well advise you to get in touch with your bank’s customer support or help desk. Take appropriate action and enlist the assistance of the two relevant authorities involved in the said matter.

Before You Leave!

People all throughout the United States have found that using Venmo to send and receive money has been incredibly relaxing. These kinds of mistakes, which can impede the payment procedures, are perhaps more likely to occur on online banking platforms.


If you ever encounter this mistake again, please don’t panic and apply your best judgment in this situation. To resolve Venmo’s lost connection with the bank problem, do the necessary steps at your end. The first step should be to check your internet connection.

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