Which Store Has the Highest Cash Back Rate for Both Online and Offline Purchases?

Saving money on your purchases wasn’t a thing before! However, there are many shops that allow you to get cash back, so it is feasible to keep fashionable and make low-cost purchases. Here is a comprehensive guide on which stores offer the greatest cashback along with their limits and costs. Previously, we had discussed stores that let you buy now, and pay later without a credit check.

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The majority of retailers provide cash back on qualifying purchases, including Kroger, Shoppers Food Warehouse, Save Mart Supermarkets, Food Lion, Albertsons, Vons, Safeway, Whole Foods Market, Publix, Jewel-Osco, Walmart, and numerous others. At these shops, personal checks, Discover credit cards, and debit cards are frequently acceptable forms of payment for cash back.

1. Kroger

On purchases made at the Kroger store using debit cards and Discover credit, you can receive cash back. Additionally, be prepared to receive an additional amount on your goods if you pay using personal checks.

About 2800 supermarket stores operated by Kroger offer a wide selection of goods to clients. There is a big selection of goods available for purchase there. You accrue Cash Back Rewards in the Kroger Offer each time you use an eligible cashback offer to purchase a product.

The Kroger self-checkout and registration cashback cap is $300. In contrast, the price varies based on the amount from $0.50 to $3.50.

2. Customer’s Food Warehouse

Shoppers Food Warehouse exclusively accepts debit cards as a form of payment for items that qualify for cash back. Through the finest offers, discounts, and cash-back programs, you may get a huge variety of groceries and household goods.

With additional services like a coin to the cash machine, RugDoctor cleaning rentals, money orders, money wires, and much more, Shoppers Food Warehouse operates about 20 supermarkets. Simply buy the qualifying item from a store or online to receive fantastic cash back.

At Shoppers Food Warehouse, the maximum cashback is $300 at the register and $100 via self-checkout. There are no fees associated with the cashback.

3. Save Mart Food Stores

Another retailer that exclusively accepts debit cards and offers cash back on purchases is Save Mart Supermarkets. Every time you shop, you can accrue points, which are worth one point for a dollar spent on the required goods.

With over 250 grocery stores in California, Save Mart Supermarkets offers the highest cashback rates when using a debit card. It makes purchasing easier the next time you go shopping by offering more savings and significant benefits.

At Save Mart Supermarkets, the maximum cashback is between $200 and $300. Additionally, there are no fees associated with the cashback.

4. Ralphs

Debit cards and Discover credit are accepted as forms of payment at Kroger’s biggest subsidiary, and you can get cashback. With Ralphs, you can receive shopping points and cash back in direct proportion to your initial purchase.

More than 460 grocery stores offer services like money transfers, money orders, bill payments, check to cash, and prepaid cards. As soon as you buy the eligible item for the Cash Back promotion, your balance will start to grow.

Ralphs does not impose any fees on the cash-back offerings and has a cash-back cap of about $200.

5. Safeway

Debit cards and Discover credit cards are accepted as forms of payment at Safeway for cash back. Please be aware that Safeway will not accept personal checks for cash back. Money orders, Rug Doctor Rental, and ATM services are among Safeway’s extra offerings.

With a Visa debit card, you may get cash back at over 265 grocery retailers there. You can obtain a variety of offers, bonuses, and coupons with weekly savings of up to $300. Use a debit card to make qualified purchases and receive cash back.

At Safeway, the maximum cashback is $200. Here at Safeway, there are no fees associated with receiving cash back.

6. Albertsons

The second-largest supermarket chain in North America, Albertsons is an American grocery store business that also takes Discover credit cards for cash back and Visa debit cards. You can look into the offers that qualify and receive one point for each dollar spent.

There are about 2200 Albertsons grocery store locations where customers can receive cash back spread across about 35 different states. Faxes, stamps, Western Union money orders, Coinstar, and other extra services are available.

The Albertsons cashback cap ranges from $100 to $300 for debit cards and from $20 to $210 for Discover credit cards. Earning the cash back here is free of charge.

7. Food Lion

For purchases that qualify, Food Lion accepts both personal cheques and debit cards. Get all of their food delivered to your house along with their weekly discounts, coupons, and weekly specials online.

There are more than a thousand supermarkets there, and they offer a wide range of services like selling money orders, playing the lottery, and giving away coins for gift cards. The food items offered by Food Lion meet all of the consumers’ everyday demands in a much more cost-effective manner.

Food Lion has a cash back cap of $200 for debit cards, $200 for EBT cards, and $50 for free personal checks.

8. Vons

Debit cards, Discover credit, and personal cheques are all acceptable forms of payment at Vons for the cashback program. To get weekly specials on fresh produce, bakery goods, seafood, and other items, browse all of Vons’ locations.

With over 165 locations and its corporate office in Fullerton, California, it is owned by Albertsons. The Vons also offers ATM services, Western Union Money Orders, Sells Money Gram, and other services.

At Vons, there are no additional fees and cash back limits of $200 for debit cards and $25 for personal checks.

9. ShopRite

At ShopRite, you can get cash back on purchases made with debit cards and Discover credit cards. You can purchase groceries both in-person and online for curbside pick-up and ShopRite contactless delivery.

It has more than 320 locations, and it is known that faithful ShopRite members typically receive up to $450 cashback a year. To get cash back on the qualifying purchases, take advantage of its fantastic specials and promotions.

ShopRite has a $200 cashback cap on debit cards and a $120 cap on Discover credit cards. Earning the cashback has no additional costs.

10. Walmart

Walmart is a pleasure for everyone because it enables you to get cashback via debit cards, personal checks, and Discover credit. With the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card, you can also get 5% back at Walmart.com.

There are over 4700 Walmart retail locations nationwide where you can earn 2 percent cash back at Walmart stores, gas stations, dining establishments, and travel. Additionally, it provides 1% cash back any place Mastercard is accepted.

Walmart has a $100 cashback cap at the register for debit cards, $20 for personal checks, and $60 for Discover credit cards.

11. Hannaford

Hannaford is another retailer that accepts debit cards, personal checks, and Discover credit to make purchasing easier. Please be aware that there is no cashback offered for any type of coupon; nevertheless, every time you spend here, you will earn Hannaford Rewards.

It offers more than 180 locations for both gas stations and supermarkets, allowing you to stretch your money in a reliable way. You can receive free first delivery from Hannaford with a $30 purchase and 2% back on purchases of store brands.

At Hannaford, the maximum cashback is $100. However, there are no fees associated with the cashback.

12. ALDI

Debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted at ALDI, allowing you to get cash back on your purchases. If you use any of these accepted cards, you will be given these at the cash register. Additionally, if you have their Executive membership, you can receive 2% cash back on your yearly purchases.

In total, the grocery company had 1500 outlets spread throughout 32 states. Additionally, it helps you with ATM services and is a well-known family-owned chain of budget supermarkets. Get fantastic offers at affordable costs here and get the cash back you desire.

The ALDI cashback cap is $100, albeit it differs from location to store. However, there are no fees applied to the cashback.

13. Jewel-Osco 

On purchases made at Jewel Osco with debit cards and Discover credit cards, you can get cashback. It is one of the greatest grocery stores that offer doorstep delivery of groceries ordered online.

More than 180 food retailers offer a 1 percent + 0.5 rebate on purchases. Simply exchange your Rewards for savings on groceries to receive a $10 Welcome Bonus when you join Jewel Osco. Please be aware that it does not cash checks from third parties.

At Jewel Osco, the maximum cashback amount is $100, and there are no fees associated with cash back on qualified purchases.

14. Winn Dixie

If you use a Discover debit card or credit card to make a transaction at Winn-Dixie supermarket, you can get cashback. Explore their most recent offers and maximize your savings with their digital coupons. Get the money back at its grocery stores using one of the ways of payment that are accepted.

It has more than 500 grocery stores and provides a variety of extra services, such as lottery tickets, retail gift cards, money transfers through Western Union, and selling American Express gift cards. Instead of receiving $10 cash from an ATM, you can get $10 cashback using your debit card.

There are no additional fees to earn the cash back, and Winn Dixie has a cap on cashback of about $100.

15. Whole Foods

Use your debit card to purchase eligible items at Whole Foods and get cash back. Customers can purchase any local, organic, or plant-based item from it, and doorstep delivery is available.

It is more than just a grocery store that sells the highest-quality natural and organic items. Around 500 grocery stores and other services are provided by Whole Foods nationwide. A few of ideas include meal preparation, gift cards, Amazon returns, flower arrangements, and more.

According to its cash back policy, Whole Foods has a $100 cash back cap and doesn’t impose any fees.

16. Super Value

Another retailer that offers the most cash back on acceptable payment methods, such as debit cards and Discover credit cards, is SuperValu. ATM transactions and the MoneyGram money transfer service are some of its additional offerings.

One of Ireland’s leading supermarket and food distributors, it operates more than 2300 grocery outlets. You can buy anything at the SuperValu, including baked goods, frozen meals, drinks, chilled cuisine, and other things. For every euro, you spend here, earn 1 Real Reward point.

The SuperValu has a $200 cashback cap for debit cards and a $120 cap for Discover credit cards. Unfortunately, no cost has been mentioned, thus it would be better to inquire at your local store.

17. JayC

Use your debit cards and Discover credit cards to make the transactions at this store to purchase low-cost groceries and receive cash back. It checks off all the rewards, savings, and convenience boxes for its clients to make more money on every dollar spent here.

It has more than 60 locations in Indiana, and you may ask to receive a shipping credit and about 5% cash back for every JayC purchase. Gift cards, pharmacy, money services, fuel, stamps, and other services are available from it.

The JayC has a $100 maximum for cash back on accepted payment methods. Additionally, there are no costs associated with the cash-back incentives.

18. Farm-Direct

Use debit cards and Discover credit cards at Farm Fresh to get the cashback. You can directly deposit the percentage of your cash back earnings into your Checkout Saver account after making a transaction.

In North Carolina and Virginia, Farm Fresh operates a variety of supermarkets. They drop out fresh fruits and vegetables at your door directly from their fields. There are a few requirements that may differ from one Farm Fresh location to another before you may receive the cashback.

For the debit card and the Discover credit card, Farm Fresh has a $200 and $120 cashback cap, respectively. However, the cost of the cashback is unclear.

19. Fred Meyer

Another retailer that gives the most cash back on purchases made with debit cards exclusively is Fred Meyer. It is a chain of hypermarket superstores in the United States where you may use your purchases to earn digital coupons and other fuel points.

Around 130 supermarkets make up Fred Meyer, which is renowned for offering high-quality goods and services. Along with its gas stations and dry ice selling department, Fred Meyer also offers money orders, flowers, and other extra services.

The maximum cashback Fred Meyer will give you is about $300, and the cashback fee might be anywhere from $0.50 to $3.50.

20. Harris Teeter

You can use debit cards and personal checks to make purchases at Harris Teeter and get cash back. As a completely owned subsidiary of Kroger, Harris Teeter operates a number of grocery, frozen food, and perishable distribution businesses throughout the area.

In the seven states and the District of Columbia, there are roughly 60 gas stations and more than 250 food stores. The Harris Teeter also offers gift card sales, movie rentals, lottery tickets, grocery carryouts, and many other services.

At Harris Teeter, the maximum cashback is $200 for debit cards and $25 for personal checks. Additionally, it levies a fee for the cash backs that ranges from $0.50 to $3.50.

21. Mariano’s

Customers of Mariano’s can use the program to receive cash back on qualifying purchases made with a Discover debit card or credit card. Experience the Fresh Market’s array of amenities, which offers enough savings and benefits.

Customers can enjoy culinary adventures here and shop for groceries whenever they wish for affordable costs. In the Chicago area, Mariano’s has more than 450 grocery outlets where you can also send money using Western Union.

At Mariano’s, the maximum cash back is only $100 and there are no additional fees associated with the cashback.

22. Publix

Customers at Publix are able to receive cash back on debit card transactions. It is among the biggest and fastest-expanding employee-owned grocery chains in the country. It offers fantastic discounts that might help you save a lot of money.

In the Southeast, Publix has about 1200 grocery stores where you may find a wide selection of goods at affordable costs. Simply proceed to the register to receive your cash back at Publix. Other services provided by Publix include selling stamps, Western Union money transfers, and retail gift cards.

The maximum cashback amount at Publix is $100, and there is no additional charge for the cashback.

Before You Leave!

If you use a debit card, credit card, or personal check, getting cash back from all the aforementioned stores is quite convenient. Simply check which forms of payment your local businesses accept to start being paid back on the things you buy every day. Normally, debit cards are required, though some shops also allow payments using Afterpay, Klarna, and Apple Pay.

Credit card cashback has somewhat severe requirements, which could lower your credit score or result in unpleasant cash advance fees. On the other hand, using a debit card to receive cash back is simple; all you need to do is make a purchase that is greater than the eligibility requirement.

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